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TELRAD Reflex Sight Red Dot Finder Look through a Telrad and see where you are looking!To see objects through a telescope it must be pointed to e..
Ex Tax:£35.00
SKU: 20318
USUALLY DISPATCHED SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY. This exciting, new product from Skywatcher, the SynScan Wi-Fi Adaptor Module is compatible with all of Sky-Wa..
Ex Tax:£54.17
SKU: Constellation-Umbrella-BLUE
The Night Sky - Star Map - Celestial Constellations Handy Retractable Umbrella BLUE VERSIONSo, you'll never again miss out for some astronomy even i..
Ex Tax:£12.33
Solar Filter for 130mm Newtonian Telescopes
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SKU: SF130Newtonian
Observing the Sun is now more affordable than ever!These filters are designed to work with  the Skywatcher 130mm Newtonian telescopes (e.g. Explorer..
Ex Tax:£21.67
SKU: Lac-Blitz
Blitz Hotshoe dSLR Camera Adapter for Various Red Dot FindersNEW - a 1.5mm Allen key is now included for the Blitz camera adapter...With DSLR came..
Ex Tax:£14.67
SKU: Blitz-with-RDF
Blitz Hotshoe dSLR Camera Adapter with a Red Dot Finder COMBONEW - a 1.5mm Allen key is now included for the Blitz camera adapter...The Blitz Hots..
Ex Tax:£28.25
STAR ANALYSER 100 - Optimised for the small CCD sensors found in popular webcams, video and astro camerasThe STAR ANALYSER 100 is used on the follow..
Ex Tax:£85.42
ZWO ASI120MC-S USB3.0 Colour 1/3" CMOS Camera with Autoguider PortGet in contact if you need advice from experienced amateur astronomers who use a w..
Ex Tax:£127.50
ZWO ASI224MC USB3.0 Colour CMOS Camera with SONY Exmor and NIR Technology and Autoguider PortGet in contact if you need advice from experienced amat..
Ex Tax:£171.67
ZWO ADC is voted as  “HOT SKY PRODUCT – 2017” by SKY&TELESCOPE magazine!The first ADC made by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers! A must-ha..
Ex Tax:£103.33
8mm - BST Explorer Starguider ED Eyepiece
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SKU: BST-Starguider-ED08
BST Explorer - Starguider Super Planetary ED Eyepiece  Two elements out of the 6 optical elements are made of ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elemen..
Ex Tax:£37.08
SKU: 2905000A-2905009
Baader Optical Wonder fluid is simply the best cleaning fluid we have come accross. It completely removes finger prints and their acid residues, and f..
Ex Tax:£13.58
ZWO EAF - Electronic Automatic Focusmotor
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ZWO EAF - Electronic Automatic FocusmotorIntroducting the new ZWO EAF, the lateset innovation from the engineers at ZWO. This electronic focuser e..
Ex Tax:£153.33
SKU: 365902
The 365Astronomy 2" to 1.25" Filter Adapter lets you use 1.25" filter with 2" accessories.The 365Astronomy 2" to 1.25" Filter Adapter lets you use 1.2..
Ex Tax:£10.67
Celestron Polar finder for Advanced VX (Adv VX) and CG-5
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SKU: 94224
Celestron Polar Finder Scope for Celestron Advanced VX and CG-5 MountsThis useful accessory speeds accurate polar alignment by providing a means of ..
Ex Tax:£32.50
ZWO ASiair PRO Smart WIFI Accessory for Portable Astro Photography with ZWO ASI Cameras and dSLRsFREE UK SHIPPING!NEW FEATURES OF THE ASIAIR PRO..
Ex Tax:£240.83

New Arrivals

ASKAR f/3.9 0.7x Reducer for FULL FRAME Cameras for ASKAR FRA600The description is under construction!Female M61 (TBC) Connection Thread to the..
Ex Tax:£304.17
Visitors of the Virtual Photography Show 2021 can enjoy this special promotion!10% OFF! Only available on 6th and 7th of March 2021Currently o..
Ex Tax:£382.50
APM Telescopes LZOS 3-Element Super ED APO 130/780 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope with 3.7" Rack & Pinion Focuser - High Strehl 0.98We've go..
Ex Tax:£5,049.17
ZWO ASI1600MM PRO COOLED Monochrome 4/3" CMOS USB3.0 Deep Sky Imager CameraGRAB A BARGAIN! This camera arrived dead on arrival and was sent ba..
Ex Tax:£915.83
Avalon DUAL DEC Adapter for M-ZERO MountAdapter that can be used to fix clamps, gp bar or X-Guider onto the M-Zero mount(Screws included)Please ..
Ex Tax:£45.83
Avalon Losmandy-style Dovetail Clamp3" Clamp (Losmandy type) with single secure lock to hold 3" Losmandy bars.Comaptible with M-zero, M-uno and Li..
Ex Tax:£128.33
Avalon GP Dovetail Clamp (Vixen-style)Compatible with Linear and M-Uno mounts.Not adjustable.(Screws included) AV-9FGD001 AVFLGGP..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Avalon Small GP Dovetail Clamp (Vixen-style)GP Dove Tail Clamp (compatible: Avalon X-Guider and Avalon M- Zero mount and M-Uno Mount on Dual-Dec Sys..
Ex Tax:£48.33