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COVID-19 and STOCK Availability Info | All EU countries min order value £200 ex VAT | All account holders will need to reset their password in our new system. Thanks for your co-operation!

Shipping, Returns and Cancellations

Sidenote (26 Aug 2020):


Please note, due to the increased number if issues with postal services to most directions (especially Australia, Canada, USA etc), we will only ship to these countries on the base of special request and depending on the value and size of the products. This is a temporary measure and we hope to supply worldwide again as soon as the situation improves. 


Thanks for your understanding. Zoltan T., owner


Small items are being posted usually via Royal Mail with 1st Class Recorded mail, Special Next Day service (depending on the value of the goods) and Airmail (International destinations). Large or heavy items we dispatch usually with DPD, Parcel Force, DHL or UPS (depending on the size, weight, value and destination). To special destinations (usually abroad), for heavy or expensive items we might use other courier services, such as DHL, TNT, UPS etc. Please let us know if you have some special requests, we might be able to help.

In accordance with Directive 2013/11 / EU, and Regulation no. 524/2013 on Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution (ADR / ODR), online retailers are obliged to place an "easily accessible link to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR platform)." from 2016/09/01
The European Commission has created such an ODR platform:



If you want to make sure that the telescope or accessory you want to order is in stock and can be dispatched shortly or if it is a gift, birthday present, shortly a time-sensitive order, please contact us through this link: CLICK HERE or EVEN BETTER IF YOU GIVE US A CALL on 020 33 845 187 or 08455 275 813 (LOCAL CHARGE).

If you cannot get through and it is really urgent, please call or send a text to Zoltan's mobile: 079 1278 4737


We should mention that VAT applicable only to customers from inside the EU, therefore our prices for customers from outside the European Union will be reduced by the VAT throughout the checkout process. (Please note that from certain countries our prices would be already shown without VAT; in that case there will be no further reduction at the checkout...)

You may be liable for paying customs duty or/and VAT or similar taxes and fees in your country. It is your liability to make sure that the item that you ordered can be lawfully imported to your country. We would recommend to check it before you place an order. This is especially important for rifle scopes, night vision devices and products containing a GPS device.

We are open to discussions/suggestions and thus we are happy to negotiate delivery fees on individual bases if you find it helpful or necessary for your purchase, but please note that during winter months from October till March we are extremely busy and negotiations bring extra stress and workload on us, so be patient.

We try to keep delivery costs as low as possible not only for the U.K. mainland but even for Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Isles, etc. Therefore to these destinations we would normally use Parcel Force.


Delivery for orders above £200 plus VAT= £240 (gross) is FREE of charge for U.K. mainland delivery addresses for nearly all products now with few exclusions.
There is a surcharge to some destinations even if otherwise delivery would be free, e.g. Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and similar.


The delivery fees that we charge are correct for 99% of orders, but might need corrections for some directions and products due to various factors (e.g. some of the product weights and dimensions are only estimates, Royal Mail and courier prices might change...). Please let us know if you are suspicious about a concrete shipping weight or shipping estimate...We do our best but we are human....


To find out the estimated delivery cost, after you have chosen the products you consider buying, please add them to your shopping basket (click on ADD TO CART). You can then click on CHANGE underneath DESTINATION to recalculate the cost.


Please use the above procedure to check your shipping estimate first, before you contact us!

Please accept that because of international agreements, some brands (e.g. Celestron, Skywatcher) we cannot deliver outside of the U.K. or outside of the European Union. Please note that the shipping module is still under construction, therefore shipping costs for EU and International directions may be different from the information available online and sometimes we would have to add a surcharge. We would recommend you to call us before placing an order.

Please note, NEARLY ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH U.K. WARRANTY ONLY. In the case of warranty issue you will have to cover delivery costs both directions. We will cover part of the delivery costs that would equal to UK delivery costs. Please read our conditions of use, especially paragraph 2.4 here: Terms and Conditions


We may still ask you to pay handling fee as well as deposit in some circumstances.

Situation 1: You order three different items which make an order above £200+VAT, but the order cannot be dispatched at the same time because of the different suppliers (e.g. one from Austria, the other two from the U.K.) and you ask us to divide shipping; in this case we may charge you a handling fee. We will always let you know how much the handling fee will be (if any) before we accept your order. It is usually stated in the product description if an item is available on back order only.

Situation 2: You order a huge telescope mount from our Hungarian factory specially made for you; we will certainly ask you to pay deposit.

Situation 3: You order a huge Dobson telescope from our Austrian factory specially made for you; we will certainly ask you to pay deposit and we'll have to give you a special shipping quote.


Please note, damaged goods must be reported as soon as possible. We advise you to sign goods as "NOT CHECKED", in this way you can ensure that if there is a damage not visible outside the box, you can still report it as damaged afterwords.

Items delivered by Fedex, Parcel Force, DHL, TNT, UPS or similar courier companies should be reported damaged on the same day of delivery or by 12pm on the following day by calling us. Sending an email only might be not acceptable as sometimes we have to deal with a backlog of email and by the time we read your email, we might be too late to report it to the courier, therefore you MUST call us and talk to us about the damage to confirm that it was reported in time.

Items delivered by Royal Mail should be reported damaged within 24 hours.

Dust on optical instruments and cameras.

Please note, depending on the amount of dust particles we might conseder a product to be eligible for free return (within the UK only), but the general rule is that optical goods and cameras are not vacuum sealed unless otherwise stated in the product description and therefore a small amount of dust should be acceptable. Users of optical instruments should be prepared to clean their instruments and keep them clean. This is part of the game. We sell a wide range of cleaning products, many of them are low cost, and some are high quality professional products.

However if there is extensive amount of dust or larger particles that were left from the manufacturing process, and it cannot be cleaned by simple and usual cleaning methods (i.e. high pressure air duster, brush and similar products) we would investigate it and if we find that it cannot be cleaned by simple and/or usual methods of cleaning, we will take the product back and refund or replace it as per customer's wish.

Collimation of optical instruments (telescopes, binoculars etc).

Please note, transportation can cause loss of collimation of various optical instruments. Newtonian telescopes and SCTs can (and ought to be) collimated by the user; some APO telescopes can be also collimated by the user, but usually not advised to and if you are not sure or have no such experience, please ask as this might void the warranty. Binoculars might loose collimation, although we will do our best to package them so that such event to be avoided, however especially large binoculars are susceptible to vibration and mishandling. In such case, only if there are strong visible signs of mishandling on the box, would we be able to make a claim with the courier. In most cases, we will replace a badly miscollimated pair of small binoculars, but large binos might need to be sent to a specialist. Please note, as all goods come with UK warranty, so we will handle all claims accordingly, but this means that international customers would have to bear any additional costs related to return, repair, replacement, collimation etc. in such a case as those cannot be covered by our otherwise small margins.

Packaging and cases.

Our products come in a variaty of packagings. Some products only come in plastic bags, brown or white cardboard, and others in coulourful printed packaging or similar.

Due to the huge variety of products and packagings and frequent changes (that manufacturer don't usually advise us about) we cannot promise a certain type of packaging. If the type of packaging is important to you and you wanted to make sure that it is as advertised on our website (i.e. product pictures showing the packaging), please contact us to confirm it. A certain level of markings are usually acceptable on any type of packaging, although we do our best to make sure that colour printed boxes (gift boxes) are handled with aditional attention.

Many products (mainly cameras and some more expensive telescopes) come in cases (i.e. aluminium case). These cases might be stronger or weaker, but mostly these cases have a primary purpose of safe transportation of the goods placed inside. Whilst doing its job, during the transportation a case might get damaged. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, usually we cannot offer a replacement case. Most likely we'll be able to offer free replacement case only if the case has been really badly damaged due to negligent handling by the transportation company.

Please note, above doesn't apply if you purchased a case as a separate product; then normal rules of distant sales apply.


Books are handled with atmost attention. We try to use industry standard packaging (or better) for books. Please contact us if a book arrives damaged and we'll either offer a relacement or discount.

Extract from Website Terms and Conditions


Goods sent via Royal Mail or other couriers are being considered lost as per their respective terms and conditions. We will take responsibility for these goods only once the parcel/packet is being consider lost according to their conditions. Please note, neither we nor Royal Mail or other courier will take responsibility if the goods are being lost due to an incorrect delivery name, address or postcode. We won't be able to pay compensation if the delivery address was incorrect on the order, although we'll do pay a compensation if we receive back the item at a later date, depending on the conditions of the parcel.

Example. An unfortunately common example might be that a customer moved to a new address, but forgot to change his address in his Paypal account and then he places an order vie Paypal Express with one click without noticing that his delivery address is incorrect. We receive the order with the customers old address and dispatch it there in good faith. In this case if the postman or courier delivers it to the wrong person (but correct address as per order details) and our customer cannot claim it back from the new tenant, we won't be able to pay any compensation, it'll be the customer's responsibility to deal with the situation, although we'll try our best to do help and do it via the courier, although won't be able to do it if it was delivered via Royal Mail.



International customers, please go to paragraph 4.5

4.1 If you wish to cancel your order:

  1. you can notify us by email before we have dispatched the goods to you, but YOU MUST ALWAYS CALL US as emails might be lost, overlooked or arrive with delay; or
  2. where goods have already been dispatched to you, by returning goods to us in accordance with clause 4.2 below. Again WE WOULD ALWAYS ASK YOU TO DISCUSS A RETURN.

4.2 You can return unused goods you have ordered from us for any reason at any time within 14 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. The delivery cost will be also refunded on UK orders.

According to the distant sales regulations it is your responsibility to pay the cost of returning the goods to us. We can advise you which service to use, but it will be refunded only if the supplied product was found faulty and returned for replacement. We will be able to refund only the cost of a service that we would recommend. I.e. if you use a much more expensive next day service of your choice, we will not be able to fully cover that cost if there was a cheaper alternative. If a product has been returned due to a fault, but you changed your mind and you don't want a replacement, this will still count as "change of mind" and therefore the return postage will have to be paid by you. In this case we will make a full refund including the original shipping cost, but we won't be able to pay you back more than what you originally paid us.

Most of the products can be opened and examined without damaging the packaging or can be sealed back into nearly as new state without problem, in which case we'll give you a full refund.However, some products (e.g. digital cameras, ccd cameras, high value accessories, night vision devices, Minox binoculars etc) come in factory sealed secured packaging. If this packaging is broken before you changed your mind, or you tried a product and the assembly process resulted in some marks on some parts of the product, we will not be able to give you a full refund, but we will negotiate with you a reasonable cancellation/return fee for the caused damage that will allow us to sell the returned product at a discounted price.

Please contact us before returning the goods in any case, but especially if you are returning them due to technical issues or difficulties. Very frequently the issues can be solved over the phone. During the years we've come across many occasions when the goods were not faulty and we could resolve the issues by giving appropriate advice about how to use them.

Once your return has been authorised, please return the goods to our address at 365ASTRONOMY, 10 Beaumont Road, Worthing, BN14 8HG, UNITED KINGDOM
You must include a note with your name, address, phone number and if known, your order number and the reason for the return: refund, replacement, service inquiry etc.


4.3 Upon receipt of the goods and after inspection of the goods, if found in AS NEW condition, we will give you a full refund of the amount paid or an exchange credit as required (except the above cancellation/return fee if applicable).

4.4 The rights to return the goods to us as referred to in clause 4.3 will not apply in the following circumstances: -

  1. in the event that the product has been used. In this case please call us, because we may still accept it for resale as a used/second hand product,but only after negotiation of acceptable for both parties cancellation fee.
  2. to any products that we have made or customised specifically for you
  3. to any products that we don't usually stock and the product description states that it is "available on back order only". We might accept return of such goods, but only after negotiation of acceptable for both parties cancellation fee.

The provisions of this clause 4.4 do not affect your statutory rights.

4.4 International customers

Please note, above rules under 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 apply with limitations. Due to the simple fact that shipping costs are much higher to international destinations than to destinations within the UK and the fact that on many products the profit margin is extremely low, in most cases we will not be able to refund the shipping cost or at least not in full if you return the goods for any reason. Please take this into consideration when you make a decision to buy from our shop. Ordering from abroad is always a risk as products have to travel much longer and travel through many stops where they are being handled less or more accorately and safely...therefore it is a risk that only you can decide whether it is worth to take or not!

If you are buying optical goods (i.e. telescopes, binoculars, microscopes etc) you must also consider that couriers will only offer insurance on optical items for loss, never for damage, therefore if the ordered optical goods got damaged during transportation, we will be not able to take responsibility for any extra cost of transportation of return and / or cost of replacement products or parts.

Never-the-less we will try to solve any such issues as per our best knowledge and do all possible efforts to find a solution beneficial for all parties, however due financial limitations, we will not be able to go into huge expenses to resolve a problem that was caused by a courier company who will not pay us a penny due to the above rules that apply to optical goods.


Many telescopes and accessories are being kept at our premises, others are available from our suppliers warehouses that we can either get here within few days or can be dispatched to you directly from the distributor's warehouse. We also stock a huge amount of telescope accessories, globes, maps, models, watches, books etc. in our own stock. We continuously monitor stock levels, but cannot promise that stock levels shown on our website are always 100% accurate as we have to find a balance between quickly dispatching goods, answering phone calls, customer emails and taking care of stock levels.

If you want to make sure that the telescope or accessory you want to order is in stock and can be dispatched shortly or if it is a gift, birthday present, shortly a time-sensitive order, please contact us through this link: CLICK HERE or give us a call on 020 33 845 187 or 08455 275 813. If you cannot get through and it is urgent, please send a text to Zoltan's mobile: 079 1278 4737.