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About us

All Natural Scientists, Amateurs and Professionals, WELCOME!

We are also amazed by the opportunities given by the ever better and better techniques, technology and equipment to discover our surrounding, the macro and micro world as well as the beauties of the wild world of birds, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs and we could go on and on...
We aim to supply you with all the equipment you might need on this great journey and to give you the best possible advice and service.
365astronomy is a hobby for us. The fact that we earn a salary whilst doing so is just a nice side effect, therefore we deeply believe in that on long term it is more beneficial for both of our customers and ourselves if we give you impartial advice and recommend you products that are most likely to be the best option for you without keeping our profit in mind. If we don't have such a product, we'll try to advise you an alternative, even if it is only available from our competitors. So, don't think of us as sales people, we are simply your friends in this great hobby!

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you need any help with choosing your equipment!

We speak English, Hungarian and Russian, however our warehouse assistant, Yozhik  speaks cat language, and we also try hard with pigeon and flower languages... otherwise we also frequently use Google translate as we receive lots of emails from all over the world...

We also look forward to hearing any advice regarding our products, prices, services or the information you want to find on our website!


365Astronomy supplies its customers mainly but not exclusively in the U.K. with reflector and refractor telescopes, apochromatic telescopes, radio telescopes, observatory equipment, planetarium projectors and domes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, specialised astronomical cameras, spectroscopes, digital SLR cameras, astronomy related books, globes, maps and atlases and a wide range of various accessories & adapters.

We are a small family business founded by Zoltan T. in the end of 2008 with the first sale made on 15 March 2009. Since then we continuously grew. In the beginning Zoltan was doing it as a part time business whilst also teaching in a secondary school. Now, he is running the business full time (or a little more than full time, sort of 7 days a week), his wife helps him with admin, accounting, packaging and dispatches, his son helps with website maintenance and to apply price changes on the website and with packaging. Andy works for the company only part time, now mainly at shows, exhibitions and oher events. We also pay a professional accountant to help with book keeping and a professional team at X-cart helps us to run, maintain and continuously develop the webshop, forum and blog.

Zoltan with his scientific background is the main driving force behind the business. He's got many years of experience in foreign trade (Chemical industry), corporate sales & customer services (T-Mobile). He picks up the phone to help you with technical questions or to give advice about telescopes, binoculars or microscopes or to check availability of products. He has been a member of the Hungarian Astronomical Association since he was 13, but with some gap in the story during the time he became a responsible father. He then returned to the hobby in around 1998 and slowly built up his experience with various telescopes and astro photography. He is also an amateur photographer and loves taking images of birds, animals, insects, landscapes and of course the night sky.

Our staff

This section was really inspired by a picture taken by Katie, Zoltan's wife. Eventually we will put it together as it supposed to be, but for now here is the picture of our (now "senior") warehouse assistant.  His most beloved task is perforating empty cardboar boxes. If you visit us and bring a telescope here for any reason in a case, make sure you always keep it closed as Yozhik has developed an incredible skill to jump in and ruin the foam in about 1.8 seconds. He especially loves the softer kind of black foam...

Yozhik, our Senior Warehouse Assistant (when he was really young):



Visit us in Brighton! (Please call us for an appointment!)

Although we don't have a high street shop, if you want to see some of our products before purchasing, please contact us and we'll do our best to find a convenient time for you to arrange a meeting at our place, where we've got a selection of telescopes and telescope mounts setup.

You can find us at

OUR NEW ADDRESS (since March 2021): 

10 Beaumont Road, Worthing BN14 8HG, United Kingdom

Our suppliers

We are Authorised Dealers of a very wide range of products and brands in the United Kingdom. We sell telescopes, telescope mounts and accessories from famous firms like APM, Bresser, Celestron, Explore Scientific, Fornax, Meade, Primaluce Lab, Skywatcher, Teleskop Service, Vixen, etc.; specialist astro imaging cameras from Astrel, Canon, Celestron, Moravian Instruments, Nikon, ZWO etc.; filters from Astrodon, Astronomik, Baader, Chroma, Optolong, Skywatcher, ZWO, etc.

These and other products of famous brand names we supply in cooperation with the official U.K. distributors or sometimes we are the UK distributor or exclusive dealer. Click here for the complete list of brands that we represent as dealers or distributors in the UK.

We are the official UK distributor for the following brands:

Antlia Filters,
Fornax Mounts,
Green Clean,
Moravian Instruments,
Photonic Cleaning,
Primaluce Lab,
Ursa Minor,

We are also an exclusive distributor / representative of the largest astronomical shop network in Middle-East Europe, Teleskop & Sternwarte Zentrum and BTC (Budapest Telescope Center).

This means that there are lots of specialist products that might be not listed on our website, but we could still get them within few weeks time as we usually order from them once or twice a month.

Bespoke products or modified for especially you products may have longer delivery time, but we will discuss it with you personally before you place your order. Please let us know if you have any special enquiries.

Do you want to contact us?

Please call us on  020 33 845 187 (preferred) or  08455 275 813.

You may also call Zoltan on his mobile: 079 1278 4737 or

John on 020 33 845 187 on Tuesdays and Fridays (or when Zoltan is away, John, Steve, Martin or Doug will cover him...).

Please call all numbers ONLY in "opening hours" (otherwise you will wake us up if you call in the middle of the night ;o).
We are proud to be a home based family business as we save a lot of time and petrol by not commuting to a far away office...
The name 365astronomy relates to our believe that our products will allow customers to discover something all around the year, 365 days.
Being a home based business means that if we are here, we will answer the phone, unless we are taking stock, dispatching or serving other customers. We live here, so "OPENING HOURS" does not make much sense, therefore the following timetable is only an indication of what time of the day we would consider to be appropriate to answer business calls.

Since the birth of our daughter in Oct 2019 we had to change our working hours and reduce them to a more usual opening hours. In a year or two we might increase this again, but at the moment this is the only way we can deal with all our expanded responsibilities. (Bear in mind, we still work until late night, but we need some extra time in the evenings to catch up with emails, order changes, returns, service requests etc. that we managed to do during the day in the past.)

Mon 9am - 5pm
Tue 9am - 5pm
Wed 9am - 5pm
Thu 9am - 5pm
Fri  9am - 5pm
Sat and Sun: generally not answering the phone, but if it is really urgent or you simply cannot call us any other days, you might try to call Zoltan's mobile (079 1278 4737)

You may still text Zoltan outside of those hours and he will try to reply if he's got a chance.

(As mentioned above, we are a small family business, so sometimes we may be out for a walk, shopping or go away for the weekend, or we might be away due to some official tasks like a society meeting or exhibition, so please don't expect that we will always pick up the phone during the weekends or holidays...if that happens you are welcome to drop a text to Zoltan's mobile: 079 1278 4737 or from abroad; +44 79 1278 4737. Thanks. ;o)

You can also use our spam-safe email sending system to CONTACT US.

We wish you clear, starry night skies and sunny days for your solar and nature observations!

You are safe to browse our website and purchase from us

For your peace of mind we asked ScamAdviser to verify our website, so that you may be sure that you can safely use our website and order from us:


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