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As you can see this is a pretty new section, so please help us to fill it up with good links...

Please let us know if you have your own website with photos of birds, bears, foxes, microscopic creatures or macroscopic beauties such as stars, nebulae, galaxies or similar... we'd be happy to include a link to your website here or alternatively you may upload your best photos onto our forum:

Our customers frequently send us their photos that we would sometimes upload to our Facebook page:


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many educational institutions, i.e.:

With the kind permission of David Campbell here is a link to his excellent field of view calculator that allows you to calculate the field of view of wide range of optical instruments. There are two modes: visual and imaging. In visual mode you may choose a telescope and a digital camera, whilst in visual mode you may choose a telescope and an eyepiece. In both modes you have the ability to add a Barlow lens or a focal reducer.

Field of View Calculator

If you are considering to buy a serious astro imaging CCD camera, we would recommend to read the following article written by Michael Barber from SBIG.

How to Choose a CCD Camera

We should also mention that we are also an AUTHORISED SBIG DEALER in the UK, however listing their products on our website will take some time. In the meantime just contact us for advice.

If you cannot find an adapter anywhere and the only solution seems to be a CUSTOM MADE ADAPTER, then the best and easiest solution would be to order it from PRECISE PARTS.

Polar Alignment

here is a link to great resource to help you to polar align your telescope mount:


here is a link to a nice article about celestial navigation:

The Ultimate Guide to Celestial Navigation

Here is a link to a website dedicated to astronomy and telescope reviews:


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