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ZWO ASiair Smart WIFI Accessory for Portable Astro Photography with ZWO ASI Cameras

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ZWO ASIAIR Smart WIFI Accessory for Portable Astro Photography with ZWO ASI Cameras

AVAILABLE NOW! Please note, these are customer returned units that have been properly tested, firmware upgrade to the latest version and come with full 1 year warranty in nearly as new condition.


CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Please do not order this product until further notice! Once the upgrade procedure starts for the ASIAIR PRO, we will most likely have few of these back from customers, then tested and those that are in best condition ("as new" condition) will be packed up as new products with all accessories. We will then update this page to let you know if this can be ordered again.


A new milestone in ZWO history, astrophotography has never been easier!

ASIAIR is a smart WiFi device that allows you to control all ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and an equatorial mount to do plate solving and imaging with your Android phone, tablet or iPad when connected to ASIAIR via WiFi.

Watch on Youtube: ASIAIR Introduction Video


You can download the lates version of the ASIair Quick Guide from here: ZWO Manuals and Quick Guides

ASIAIR Features

▶ Dual bandwidth WiFi Control
5G & 2.4G  supported. you can switch between 5G & 2.4G depends on your environment.
5G is faster for downloading and not so crowded as 2.4G but works best over shorter distances without many obstructions such as walls.

▶ Independent Guiding & Imaging
Standalone guiding & Imaging without the need of PC. Everything is under control with your phone!

▶ Preview and focus in real time

  • Preview: with the help of WiFi network, ASIAIR can preview images in nearly real-time.
  • Debayer: debayer works for color cameras.
  • Auto white balance: AWB also works for color cameras
  • Focus: zoom a small area to provide max brightness curve and HFD curve, help users to get precise focus manually.
  • Auto & manually histogram stretching: screen stretching is always useful for dark deep sky imaging.

▶ Plate Solving
Offline plate solving can be done in a few seconds.

For those new to astro photograpy, here is little bit of explanation what plate solving is. It is a way of defining the actual direction of the telescope when an image has been taken. A camera takes an image of the night sky, then a software will analyze the star patterns and by comparing them with data from various star catalogues it will "understand" where it is pointed to. Then this information (usually repeated in various directions) can be used in various ways, but most frequently it is being used to calibrate / align the mount, so that you can use it to point at a subject of your choice without need for "star hopping", use of a finderscope, etc. It can also use this information to improve the pointing accuracy of the mount. Basically it's a very cool and useful feature.

▶ SkySafari Bridge
The user can use the Skysafari app to control the mount through ASIAIR, choose the target and go.

▶ Supported cameras
ASI USB3.0 camera, ASI cooled camera, ASI mini cameras. (It can not support ASI120MM/MC camera)

USB2.0 Port

ASIAIR comes with 4 USB2.0 ports, you can connect up to 4 USB devices and don’t need USB Hub.

Power Supply

ASIAIR need 5V@2.5A external power supply, it’s micro USB port. Normally, ASIAIR consumes only 500ma current. but peak value would be 2.5A, so please use the power cable come with ASIAIR. other cables may be too thin and cannot provide enough power. we also provide one 12V-5V DC Converter, so you can connect ASIAIR to the 12V power supply as most Astro device.

SD Card and Card Reader

There is one 32GB Micro SD card that comes with ASIAIR. The OS (operation system) is running from this SD card and 25G space left for the user to store images. The user can use this SD Card Reader to transfer the images to your PC and processing. There is risk that the SD card may become corrupt one day, therefore we highly recommend you to back up your SD card as soon as you receive your ASIAIR device. Please find more detailed information in the ASIAIR Quick Guide. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page, there is a link to an backup application.)


Supported Mounts

ASIAIR can control your mount through INDI. iOptron and Sky-Watcher mounts were all tested with ASAIR by ZWO and you can find further info about compatibility of other mounts with INDI here on the INDI Mount support list: http://indilib.org/devices/telescopes.html


  ASIAIR supports both IOS and Android systems.

OS Version Phone Tablet/iPad
iOS 9.0 & up All Android Phones Tablet with Android OS
iOS 5.0 & up iPhone 6 series/ 7 series/ 8 series/ X iPad/ iPad Pro

The ASIAIR App also talks to SkySarfari apps (SkySafari \SkySafari Plus \SkySafari Pro). You can now plate solve in the ASIAIR app and sync the mount’s position in SkySarfari!

Interface of Application

(click on the images to see them in full size)

What’s in the box

Software and Manual Download

ASIAIR Manual  

Win32 Disk Imager
Win32 Disk Imager (Backup and restore of SD card)

If yu would like to help ZWO to improve their wonderful new device, the ASIAIR, you are welcome to submit your feedback through their User Forum here: ASIAIR of ZWO User Form

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