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VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"

VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
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VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
VIXEN SSW ED 10mm Ultra Wide Eyepiece, 1.25"
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The new SSW series of eyepieces are designed with an ultra-wide 83 degrees apparent field of view.

The ultra-wide view of the SSW Eyepieces allows you to see an area that is three times larger than through eyepieces with moderate 45° or 50° field of view.

With this wide field of view, you see many more stars across your eyepiece. Enjoy spectacular views of stars through your telescope.

The SSW Eyepieces deliver clear and high contract images with no hint of ghost and flare throughout the field of view due to their advanced multi-coating technology.
You will be impressed with the extremely sharp images even at the very edge of the field of view.

Eyepieces and Magnification

The magnification is determined by dividing the telescope’s focal length by the eyepiece’s focal length.
For example, if a Vixen ED81S telescope (625mm focal length) is used with a SSW 10mm eyepiece (10mm focal length), the calculation is: 625 divided by 10 is 62.5. The magnification is 62.5X.


Item No.DescriptionBarrel SizeApparent FOVEye ReliefWeight
 (1.1/4 inch)
83 degrees13mm230g
(8.1 oz)
 (1.1/4 inch)
83 degrees13mm230g
(8.1 oz)
 (1.1/4 inch)
83 degrees13mm225g
(7.9 oz)
 (1.1/4 inch)
83 degrees13mm220g
(7.7 oz)
 (1.1/4 inch)
83 degrees13mm210g
(7.4 oz)

Features of the SSW Eyepieces

Super-wide 83° FOV

The area viewed through the eyepiece is called “apparent field of view”.  The apparent field of view of most eyepieces is between 45° and 50 °. Generally, wide eyepieces feature a FOV between 60° and 70°.  The Vixen SSW Eyepieces deliver an 83° super-wide apparent field of view for the best observing experience.

Sharp images throughout the field of view

Previous wide eyepieces tended to create image deterioration around the edge of the field of view.  The 4-group 7-element design of the Vixen SSW Eyepieces employs lens made of quality lanthanum glass that features extra-low dispersion glass in order to achieve sharp images at the edge of the field of view.  All the SSW Eyepieces are designed for telescopes with a focal ratio as short at f/4. 
Simulated view through eyepieces with a 83 degrees apparent field of view (SSW10mm) and a 50 degrees apparent field of view (SLV10mm)


No loss of light across the viewing field

The placement of the lenses, the position of the field stop ring, and the size of the body are designed optimally to ensure 100% brightness in the field of view without vignetting. There is no loss of light at the edge of field.

Bright and clear images

The advanced multi-coatings on each surface of the lenses offer high light transmission, over 99.5%, throughout the visible rays of light (430nm - 690nm) and produce extremely bright and clear images. The structure of the inside of the eyepiece body is designed for the optimal light path.

User-friendly external design

The durable eyepiece body is anodized aluminum and its different colors indicate difference of focal lengths. The rubber covering eliminates rolling and provides protection of the eyepiece body from scratching. The twist-up rubber eyecup allows you to comfortably adjust your viewing eye-point. The groove of the eyepiece barrel secures the eyepiece in your telescope and is usable with compression ring eyepiece adapters. The SSW Eyepieces are not only easy to use but are designed with the observer in mind.

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