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TS Optics Filter Quick Changer for 2" Filters - M48x0.75 Thread - Length 15mm - Including Filter Drawer

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TS Filter Quick Changer TSFEKM48 for mounted 2" filters - M48x0.75 connector Change filters within a few seconds without removing the camera or eyepiece. Try different filter combinations for the ideal photographic or visual result. The TS filter drawers are suitable even for compact telescopes with small focusers. With only 85 grams, the quick changer weighs significantly less than a filter wheel, and with only 15 mm length, you will reach focus with nearly all telescopes.

The M48x0.75 mm connection threads offer full aperture. We suggest this changer for fast telescopes and bigger camera sensors.

What's included:

  • Filter Quick Changer with M48 male on one side and M48 female thread on the other side
  • Filter drawer with M48 thread (TSFES2)

The advantages of the Quick Filter Changer:

  • There is no limit to the number of different filters you can use. No laborious changeover is necessary, in opposite to a filter wheel.
  • With only 85 grams weight, the quick changer can be used even with telescopes which are not suited for heavy filter changers.
  • Significantly more compact than a filter wheel or a filter slider.
  • Only 15 mm short, that is not possible with a filter wheel - ideal for telescopes with little back-focus, like Newtonian telescopes, and optimal for combining with correctors and reducer systems for astrophotography.
  • The filters always have the perfect orientation to the optical axis. Neither tilting nor lateral displacement is possible.
  • Easy adaption of accessories through standard thread at telescope and eyepiece side.
  • The filters are carefully stored in the optional protective case and are always freely accessible in the event that dust has to be removed.
  • The ultra low profile results in best possible field illumination. The filter can be used very close to the camera sensor.


Examples of use:

  • Astro imaging: LRGB colour imaging, narrowband colour imaging, use of different contrast filters and nebula filters
  • Planet observing: Ideal for using colour filters. The quick change between the filters allows you to directly compare the effect of different filters and thus choose the ideal filter for the particular application.
  • Deep sky observing: You can directly compare the impressions with UHC filters, O-III filters and other filters. This allows you to get the most detail out of each object!


Accessory recommendations:

  • TSOAG9 TS Off-Axis Guider - the guider is placed directly in front of the filter changer (at the telescope side). The complete package (guider and quick changer) has an optical path of only 24 mm. There is no T2 connection - only M48x0.75 mm - so you will have a better illumination.
  • Fine tuning rings - they are necessary because the connecting threads often are too long and would protrude into the interior of the changer, affecting its function. The connecting thread at the telescope side should have approx. 3 mm length. Then it fits perfectly to the female thread of the filter changer.


Practical advice from Teleskop Service:

We recommend one drawer for each filter. Interchanging of filters during by screwing while photographing or observing is rather unfunctional. For 2" filters, we offer the TSFES2.

If you use a 2" filter, you can make screwing in easier. The problem: The drawer is only slightly bigger than the filter, so it is almost unreachable with the fingers.
The solution:

  • Use a 2" barrel (of an eyepiece or adapter).
  • Fix it to the filter by using a little bit of adhesive tape. The male M48 thread has to be free.
  • Now screw the filter carefully into the drawer, using the 2" barrel as extension knob.

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