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TS-Optics Adapter from M68 and M63 to M48 - for Riccardi Reducer

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TS Optics multi-functional adapter with M68 male ZEISS level thread, M63 male Riccardi reducer thread to M48 male threaded connection (with an extra female M48 thread for a 2" filter).

  • M48 connection adapter for the Riccardi reducer with the M63x1 connection thread - length 6.2 mm.
  • Countersink the Riccardi reducer into the focuser and get always into the focus without trouble - connection to the focuser via M68x1 thread - length 6.2 mm.
  • Short adapter for focusers with female M68x1 thread to M48x0.75 connection - length only 2.3 mm.
  • With female M48 thread for adapting 2" filters or screwing a TS FLAT2 corrector for astrophotography to refractor telescopes.

Teleskop Service has developed this adapter for the popular Riccardi reducer and APO corrector (field flattener) with M63 thread. The adapter allows a short adaption to M48 for a clean connection, but it can do more.

♦ Adapter from M63 to M48 for the Riccardi reducer with 6.3 mm optical length.

Connection of the Riccardi reducer to APOs with big focuser: Usually, the Riccardi reducer needs approximately 170 mm back-focus, which is more than most refractors offer. With the M68 thread at the telescope side, you can countersink the Riccardi reducer into the focuser. Requirement is an M68 thread, and the drawtube has to be able to accept the reducer, of course. The diameter of the Riccardi reducer is 68 mm.

♦ A classic adapter from M63 and from M68 to M48 for all focusers with these threads.

♦ The adapter has a female M48 thread at the telescope side, too. Here, you can screw in a 2" filter or a corrector like the TSFLAT2 field corrector, so you can achieve a clean screwed solution.

The TS multifunctional adapter fits to all focusers with female M68 or M63 thread:

The adapter is simply screwd into the female thread an adapts to M48 connection with maximum clear aperture. The adapter fits to telescopes like:

♦ All TS PHOTOLINE APOs with focusers of 2.5" or more
♦ All Skywatcher ESPRIT APOs
♦ All LZOS APOs with focusers of 2.5" or more
♦ APM ED Refractor
♦ Long Perng APOs
♦ APM 107 mm APO
♦ All CFF APO telescope
... and many more.

With this adapter, a neatly screwed connection of correctors for astrophotography is made easy.

Telescope side threads: M63x1 male, M68x1 male, M48x0.75 /2" filter thread female
Camera side thread: M48x0,75 / 2" filter thread male - length 4 mm
Optical length from the M63 thread: 6.2 mm (male M48 thread not taken into account)
Optical length from the M68 thread: 2.1 mm (male M48 thread not taken into account)


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