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TS-Optics 86mm f/5.4 Quadruplet 4-Element Flatfield Astrograph APO - 60mm field diameter

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TS-Optics 86 mm f/5.4 SDQ Quadruplet-APO with 60mm corrected image field

The new Quadruplet SDQ APO with an aperture of 86mm and fast f/5.4 is an ideal Astrograph for mobile astrophotography with large sensors.

  • 86 mm aperture - 464 mm focal length - f/5,4 f-ratio
  • Modified Petzval Quadruplet design - the 2-element corrector is integrated.
  • Image circle diameter: illuminated and corrected image field with 60mm diameter.
  • No chromatic aberration across the entire field
  • Free of reflexes due to optimized lens positioning and best possible lens coating
  • The corrector is fixedly integrated - simply focus and you attain the ideal working distance
  • High quality 3" Rack&Pinion focuser with micro gear reduction; suitable even for heavy cameras
  • Precise fine focus for exact focusing - motor focus can be added later.´
  • Camera-sided connection via M82x1 male thread and 2" extension tube
  • 360° rotation and tilting mechanism are implemented
  • Long backfokus of 120mm permits the use of 2"-diagonals for observing or exotical equipment


For a long time the Astro community has been waiting for an affordable APO-Astrograph that is also portable; even with large camera sensors. The TS 86SDQ is designed for Deep-Sky and Widefield Astrophotography with all specialist astro photo cameras. The very good correction enables the use of high resolution cameras with small pixels as well as the use of cameras with large sensors, exceeding full format.

This telescope weighs 4kg whilst being very compact and can be operated on mobile mounts. The TS 86SDQ is also suited for plane trips. These features make the TS 86SDQ a high-quality and convenient telescope for outstanding Astrophotos.

Even though the APO is optimized for Astrophotography, it can still be used for observing with 2" diagonals thanks to its generous backfocus. The excellent colour correction permits magnifications up to 200x without any chromatic aberration.

Features and advantages of the TS 86mm SDQ Quadruplet APO

Field correction and illumination as large as D=60 mm
The 2-element correction system is integrated and independent of the focuser. These correction elements are made from FDC-100 glas (comparable to FPL-53)
High Quality FDC-100 Doublet lens for an image without color defects in combination with the 2-element correction system.
3" CNC Rack & Pinion-focuser - permits load up to 6 kg
1.25" and 2" plug-adaptation as well as a M82x1 thread for screw-on connection
Each Quadruplet APO is checked before shipping and its optics are tested

Camera connection to the 86SDQ:

The APO provides a backfocus of 120mm from the 2" connection. The focuser tube can be extended by 40mm. We recommend the following adaptations (items are linked in the accessory section below).

  • DSLR connection via 2" tube: With the focal adaptor TSFA240 and a standard T2 ring you can attach and focus all DSLR cameras.
  • Connection of DSLR and Astrocameras with sensors up to 30mm diameter via the M82 thread:
    • With the adaptor FTSM82-M48 and the M48 reversing-ring M48a-M48a you get a M48 connection at a backfocus of 130mm. When using two M48 extension tubes (TSVF230) you reduce the backfocus to 70mm which allows for focusing with DSLRs. System cameras or Astro cameras need an additional extension if it isn´t included.
  • Connection of DSLRs and Astro cameras with large sensors exceeding 30mm diameter via the M82 thread:
    • The adaptor M82i-M68a provides a Zeiss-Level thread connection with a M68x1 male thread at 130mm backfocus. Due to the M68x1 adaptation system by TS-Optics and Baader you are able to attach your camera.

We will gladly help you with your individual adaptation, depending on what type of camera you want to use.

Aperture: 86 mm
Focal length: 464 mm
Focal ratio: f/5.4
Illuminated and corrected image field: 60 mm diameter
Camera-sided threaded connection: M82x1 male thread - 140mm backfocus
Eyepiece-sided plug connection: 2" tube - 120mm backfocus
Focuser: 3" Rack&Pinion focuser with micro gear reduction
Lenses: Doublet FDC-100 lens with air gap - adjustable
Corrector: 2-element corrector made from special FDC-100 glas
Coating: Fully-multicoated including the corrector
Weight: 4 kg
Length: 36 cm with retracted dew cap
Transport case outer dimensions: 52 x 52 x 22 cm

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