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TS-Optics 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph with Carbon Fiber Tube

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Astrophotography with the RC telescope - back focus:

Due to the large corrected field of view, you can, for example, use a DSLR up to APS-C format without corrector. Thus the RC is a pure mirror system for astrophotography. The images become ultrasharp.

The generous back-focus also allows attaching correctors which we recommend when using sensors of at least full-frame size. You can also attach a focal reducer, thus further increasing the speed of the RC.

♦ Using an SLR without focal reducer: you need a 50 mm and a 25 mm extension tube between focuser and telescope (item # GSRCV50 and GSRCV25).

♦ Using an SLR with focal reducer CCDT67 or CCD47: in this case, a 50 mm extension tube between focuer and telescope (item # GSRCV50) is sufficient.

SPECIAL OFFER: 0.67x CCD reducer for astrophotography at a special price

The CCD47 improves the focal ratio from f/8 to f/5.36, thus reducing the exposure time to less than 50%. With this, you can capture dim nebulae and galaxies with moderate exposure times.

Save lots of money! When purchasing this RC telescope and the CCD47 directly from TS at the same time, you get the reducer at a special price. Of course, the promotional article CCD47 is an absolutely new part with full warranty. More information about the CCD47

Features of this 8" TS GSO RC Telescope:

  • Aperture 8" / 203 mm - focal length 1624 mm - focal ratio f/8
  • Hyperbolic primary and secondary mirror for very high sharpness on the optical axis and a large well-corrected field for astrophotography
  • Mirrors made of fused silica for stable focus position
  • 99% dielectric high-reflectivy coating on main and secondary mirror for an even brighter image
  • Carbon tube - more rigidity and better focus stability for astrophotography
  • Quicker cooling down thanks to open construction
  • Comes with Vixen style dovetails on both sides - ideal for accessories like guiding scopes or a piggyback camera mount
  • RC correctors for larger sensors from APS-C upwards are optionally available
  • Choose the best focuser for your purposes
  • SPECIAL OFFER: CCD47 - 0.67x focal reducer for photography - at an absolutely special price if purchased directly from 365astronomy at the same time - item number CCD47-S

Configure your RC with the focuser of your own choice:

We recommend two focusers of our TS product range. They directly fit to the M90 thread of the tube.

MonorailM90 - the economically priced standard focuser

We recommend this focuser for visual observing and for light photo equipment like, for example, lighter DSLR cameras, lightweight cooled CMOS camera (i.e. cooled ZWO cameras). The focuser already provides all prerequisites, like dual speed and a bearing which is superior to simple Crayford focusers. We recommend the focuser for accessories up to approx. 2.5 - 3.0 kg.

UNCN2M90 V-Power focuser for heavy accessories We recommend the focuser to all astrophotographers who use heavy equipment.

The focuser supports accessories up to 6 kg without tilting. Optional motor focus, 360° rotation and thread at the camera side are a given.


Primary and secondary mirror of quartz glass with 99% reflectivity and protective dielectrical quarz layer:

Quartz glass does not change its dimensions if temperature changes. When the temperature changes slowly during an exposure, other mirror substrates, like Pyrex, tend to a deformation of the mirror and thus to a shift of the focus. This problem does not exist for mirrors of quartz glass. Thus the focus is better maintained which is very important for long exposures. Both mirrors are coated with 99% reflectivity. The image is obviously brighter than the one of telescopes with only 90% or 94% reflection layer.

The advantages of TS RC telescopes for astrophotography:

The TS RC astrographs are true Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes. Maksutovs and Schmidt-Cassegrains have spherical mirrors and need correctors for making a large field usable. With Schmidt-Cassegrains, you can see the aberrations in the field even when working visually. Most times, Maksutov-Cassegrains are so slow that they are not suitable for astrophotography. RC telescopes have hyperbolical primary and secondary mirrors. They are more difficult to manufacture, but offer a significantly sharper field with less aberrations throughout the field.

Why is the RC Telescope superior to Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes with correctors:

Celestron EHD or Meade ACF telescopes need a corrector. Additionally, these telescopes have a Schmidt plate at the front side which is prone to dew. The RC is a pure reflection system without lenses in the light path. Thus you can use the complete light even in the infrared range. The image is brighter and the exposure times get shorter. The field of an RC telescope is coma-free by design and relatively flat.

No shifting problem with TS RC telescopes:

Telescopes with focusing via movable primary mirror often suffer from the "shifting problem". The image shifts while focusing or even jumps. By now, Meade and Celestron have the problem under control, but the effect is noticable nonetheless. TS RC telescopes do not have this problem, as their primary mirror is fixed. Focusing is done via a high-quality focuser. An additional advantage is the optimal distance from primary to secondary mirror. This gives you the guarantee of the best possible image. If the primary mirror moves relatively to the secondary, you will practically never have the optimal distance.

Mount Recommendations

You would need a strong, medium-duty telescope mount to carry the weight of the tube: 6.1kg + focuser + camera equipment, therefore we suggest the following telescope mounts:

Skywatcher EQ5, AZ-EQ5, HEQ5 Goto or maybe even AZ-EQ6 or EQ6-R

Celestron Adv VX, CGX or CGEM

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