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COVID-19 and STOCK Availability Info | All EU countries min order value £200 ex VAT | All account holders will need to reset their password in our new system. Thanks for your co-operation!

Stock Info

General information about stock and product availability.

At the present we are working on a better system that will notify customer with a pop-up window when they order a product that is not available directly from stock. Until then please find below the information for guidence on what you can expect about product availability when you purchase a product from our online store.

Please also note that during busy times (i.e. Christmas) it is especially difficult to keep stock levels up-to-date due to the increased number of orders and inquiries. Stock levels fluctuate daily, so if you need something urgently, best to call or email us to make sure it is in stock.

At category pages, search result pages and product listing pages you will see a green, yellow or red bubble that indicates availability.

The gree bubble indicates that the product is in stock, or at least that it was in stock when we last time updated the stock info. At the moment the system doesn't automatically deduct a sold unit, we have to do it manually, so we would usually do it if there is a significant change in quantities.

The stock level shown in brackets migth mean the real actual count or that there is at least that many items we had in stock at the last stock count. For items that we frequently sell in multiple quantities, like screws or eyecaps, the quantity usually shows the real quantity in stock. For other items (5) might mean that we have 5 or more. Sometimes a quantity of (2) might also mean that it is available from the UK distributor and we can get it within a day or two. If you need something to be dispatched immediately, you must always contact us to confirm availability of the product. best way to do this is by calling us.


The yellow bubble usually indicates that we have ONLY ONE ITEM IN STOCK or it is AVAILABLE FROM A UK OR EU DISTRIBUTOR'S STOCK that usually takes only few days in the case of a UK distributor or 4 - 8 days in the case of a European distributor to get the product here to our premises...There is also a chance that we've just sold that last piece, so it's worth asking about the actual stock situation. There are lots of products that we don't frequently sell that we have only 1 in stock and will re-order when sold, so the yellow bubble might also mean that it is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, but WILL BE BACK IN STOCK WITHIN FEW DAYS.


When you see a red bubble, it would mean one of the following:


We use this symbol when something is out of stock for longer than just few days, it might be a week or two or sometimes much longer, so in any case it's worth asking.

There are products that we only order when we receive an order from you, so called BACK ORDER ITEMS. These are usually very expensive products like high end telescopes, radio telescopes, planetarium projector systems, high end CCD cameras, etc. or something that we rarely sell...


Please bear in mind that there are times when we cannot update the stock levels, like holidays or weekends and especially since Brexit we have to spend lots of time with constant price changes due to the instability of the pound's exchange rate that also influences the amount of time we can spend with stock updates, so please consider our stock levels more like a wishful helping tool rather than rock solid info. ;o)

... BUT hopefully we'll be able to come up with a better system one day... until then you know how to contact us...