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Moravian Instruments G3 CCD

Moravian Instruments G3 CCD

Every year you can come and see some of these great Moravian Instruments CCD cameras that we would usually showcase at the International Astronomy Show, the European Astrofest, the Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival and other local events.  The international Astronomy Show usually take place in the beginning or middle of October at Stonleigh Park (near Leamington Spa, Warwich and Coventry), the European Astrofest in the beginning of February at the Kensington Town Hall and the Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival at the "The Observatory Science Center (former Royal Observatory).

G3 cameras with KAF CCD sensors (G3-1000 and G3-6300 models) were designed for demanding scientific applications and G3-11000 and G3-11000C cameras for high-end astrophotography with KAI sensors even bigger than the sensors of G2 cameras. Versions with integrated filter wheel with 5 positions for 2" or 50mm round filters for robotic setup available or alternatively 7 position external filter wheels can also be used with the G3 series.

G3-1000 cameras will fit especially well telescopes with very long focal length due to their large pixel size: 24x24μm .

G3-11000 cameras with Kodak KAI1 1002 CCD chips with ABG and electronic shutters offer unbeatable ratio between camera price and detector area.

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