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Celestron CCD Cameras

Celestron CCD Cameras
The Skyris range of cameras from Celestron are a result of a co-operation between Celestron and Imaging Source. All Skyris cameras come with a global shutter that is much better than rolling shutter. The Skyris 618 are the fastest planetary imagers that can also be used with great success as high quality guide cameras due to their large pixel size (5.6 micron square). For telescopes with short focal length we would recommend the Skyris 445 cameras, and last but not least, the Skyris 274 cameras with highest resolution in the range are excellent choice for Lunar and H-alpha solar imagers. Although we sell ZWO ASI cameras as well that are excellent choice for beginners on a lower budget, the higher price of the Skyris cameras can be justified by the higher sensitivity in red, the global shutter, the excellent software included with the Skyris cameras and other features.
Celestron IR-Cut IR-Block Filter for Skyris Colour Camera
-22 %
Colour CCD (and CMOS) cameras such as the Skyris color planetary cameras are very sensitive across the visual spectrum, as well as in infrared. Some telescopes may correct for chromatic aberration, but are not designed to correct for IR light, which can often look defocused in astroimages. Blocking ..
£26.59 £34.00
Ex Tax:£22.16
Celestron LRGB Filterset for Monochrome Cameras
-52 %
SPECIAL OFFER: now only £109! Until stocks last! Take color images of the night sky with your Skyris monochrome CCD camera, a simple filter wheel, and this four-piece LRGB filter set! These imaging filters were designed in our facility in California with a spectrum bandpass that produced optimum co..
£109.00 £225.00
Ex Tax:£90.83
Celestron Skyris 132C Colour Astronomical CMOS Camera- CLEARANCE
-60 %
SPECIAL PROMOTION UNTIL STOCKS LAST! Works with Windows 10! Also compatible with the popular Sharpcap software! (We'd like to advise you that all Skyris cameras that we sell here, including the 132, 236, 445 and 618 are compatible with Windows 10. You might have to look up the most current driver..
£120.00 £299.00
Ex Tax:£100.00
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