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Spectroscopy Accessories

Spectroscopy Accessories
M28 to M42 T-ring Camera Adapter for 1.25" Star Analyser for "PRIME FOCUS IMAGING WITH GRATING" Configuration We offer now our M28-T2 adapter that mounts a Star Analyser 100 or Star Analyser 200 grating into a 42 mm T-Ring that you already own or you can buy one from us (you can buy a wide range of..
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M58 Camera Lens Adapter for 1.25" Star Analyser for "OBJECTIVE GRATING" Configuration You can now use a dSLR to take the spectrum of a star and other celestial objects by using this adapter in combination with the Star Analyser 100 that is available separately.   With the Star Analyser 100....  ..
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Pocket Spectroscope Pocket Spectroscope
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This spectroscope model is a small lightweight pocket sized instrument, designed for personal use by gemologists and scientists working in the field. Uses include: * GEMSTONE ANALYSIS * ABSORPTION SPECTRA THROUGH LIQUIDS * FLAME TEST IN CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Spectrum from a fluorescent bulb   Feat..
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Star Analyser 100 Star Analyser 100
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STAR ANALYSER 100 - Optimised for the small CCD sensors found in popular webcams, video and astro cameras The STAR ANALYSER 100 is used on the following pictures with an 80mm reflector telescope and an unmodified Philips Toucam Pro webcam, to reveal the telltale signature of molecules in the atmosp..
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