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Please also check out our Astro Photography section where we have many more Guide & Planetary Cameras from Moravian Instruments.
If you want to use a 50mm finderscope as a guidescope, you would also need a platform that enables you to point the finderscope at a bright guide star. (We'd advise to use it only when you struggle with finding a guidestar near your object. Always try to find a guidestar as close to your object as..
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ASA Adaptor to M48 - 2" Filterthread for 3" WYNNE Corrector and 3" Reducer of ASA and  TS Gigant Off Axis Guider ... Adaptor to M48x0,75 male / 2" Filterthread - very short - only 4mm lengh The M48 Adapter will be fixed direktly upon the ASA 3" Correctors or TSG-OAG Off-Axis-Guider th..
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Baader RCC OAG Off-Axis Guider
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  Baader 140 ° swivel Off Axis Guider (OAG) with T2 thread connection.   This OAG was developed especially for the RCC I Rowe Coma Corrector (for Newtonian Telescopes). Using this OAG and a Baader T ring, you can guide any DSLR camera with no additional extensions of rings, or "Off Axis" by using..
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Celestron Off Axis Guider Celestron Off Axis Guider
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The Off-Axis Guider is an essential astroimaging accessory for long focal length telescopes that require the most accurate guiding possible. The Celestron Off-Axis Guider uses a prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope’s focal plane (outside the field of view of the main imaging camera) t..
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Brand: Lacerta
MGEN-3 has landed! The MGEN-II is history! After 10 years, the device that has revolutionized the way ambitious amateurs and professionals guide their astro imaging will be retired. The hardware was at its limits, the market and the needs of astrophotographers have evolved and we, as the leading i..
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Brand: Lacerta
    M48/T2/M36.4 Adapter for the NEW M48 Lacerta Off-Axis Guider    ..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Off-Axis Guider from OVL (Optical Vision Ltd, the official Skywatcher distributor in the UK and Western Europe). Designed for use with CCD and DSLR cameras, this low profile Off-Axis guider is a convenient alternative to using a separate conventional guide scope for astrophotography, offering sever..
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Brand: Optec
#19230 - Libra Alt-Azimuth Adjusting D-Plate.Please note, we also have a custom modified version that has been a specifical order by Zoltan (director of 365Astronomy) for his observatory where he used a bit oversized APO telescope on it to align it with his 11" Edge HD. The modification consisted an..
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Sky-Watcher's EVOGUIDE-50ED is the ultimate new high quality 50 mm doublet ED Guidescope, utilising Ohara S-FPL53 glass for the ED element. With a focal length of 242 mm it has a very fast focal ratio of f/4.8. The telescope is equipped with a fine and precise helical focuser. For connecting your a..
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Features full alt-azimuth control for quick and precise alignment of guidescope with main telescope. Standard Sky-Watcher/Vixen dovetail saddle plate. Fits onto Sky-Watcher tube ring via camera mounting bracket. Weight: 1100g..
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Brand: Lacerta
T2 - M48 Ring for the NEW M48 Lacerta Off-Axis Guider Other applications are also possible. Sometimes customers buy it for other use as well...basically, it is a expanding ring with T-2 female and M48 male thread. It converts M48 female into T-2 female thread.        ..
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TS Adapter SC female thread to M48 male thread - length 10 mm This adaptor fits on almost all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, many Maksutov-Cassegrains, and also several other instruments and setups with SC male thread (UNC 2"-24). On the other side it offers the M48 male thread (2" filter thread). ..
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Teleskop Service Giant Off-Axis Guider for high payloads ... Full field illumination even for 36mm sensors ... Only 10 mm optical length ... Fits directly to the 3" correctors by ASA (Astro Systems Austria) The TS Gigant Off Axis Guider can, thanks to its versatile adaptation options, ..
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Brand: ZWOptical
ZWO M42x0.75 (T-thread) Adapter for Main Imaging Camera for ZWO OAG (Off Axis Guider Adapter) Although this adapter comes included with the ZWO OAG, some customers might use this adapter to swap between two main imaging cameras. (or if you've lost this part in the field, here is the opportunity to..
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ZWO M68 OAG - Off Axis Guider Adapter ZWO M68 OAG - Off Axis Guider Adapter
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Brand: ZWOptical
ZWO M68 OAG - Off Axis Guider Adapter DISCONTINUED PRODUCT, NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE. We leave it on our website for a little while, so that we can advise customers here that a new OAG-L version is coming soon with a larger 12x12mm prism.Once that product is available, we'll remove this one fro..
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Brand: ZWOptical
ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter, Mark II: new 2018-2019 version Please note, ZWO have re-designed their OAG earlier in 2018. We've now updated the product description and images to reflect these changes. ZWO OAG Adapter features Lightweight and beautifully machined 16.5mm thickness Large prism: 8..
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