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Pentax Eyepieces

Pentax Eyepieces
at PENTAX believe that the eyepiece is crucial to the overall optical
performance of spotting scopes. That is why our eyepieces are engineered
to the exacting standards originally required by the astronomy
community. Furthermore, that is why we made the 1.25inch (31.7mm)
connector our standard. We are among an elite few who use rare materials
like Lanthanum glass to optimise light transmission for unsurpassed
clarity and brightness. Successfully, it seems, since astronomers and
ornithologists agree that PENTAX eyepieces are among the best available
Parfocalising Rings for 1.25" Eyepieces - Set of FourParfocalizing Rings are being used for several purposes. If you would like to match the focal position of each of your eyepieces or to match it with your digital camera, so that you won't have to refocus when swapping them, you would need few of..
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