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Barr & Stroud Binoculars

Barr & Stroud Binoculars
About Barr & Stroud Optics

A British company, the Barr & Stroud story goes right
back to 1891, when William Stroud and Archibald Barr were
approached by the Admiralty of the Royal Navy to come up with a design
for a short-base rangefinder.
With the outbreak of the First World War, they saw a
large increase in demand for their rangefinders, but there was a problem
with supplying the British forces with binoculars. At the time Zeiss,
a German company were the leading makers of binoculars and obviously
the military thought this may cause problems in the future.
By 1919 Barr & Stroud started producing their first
binoculars which were supplied to the British Navy and were used almost
universally by them during WW2. Over the years they have played a
leading role in the development of modern optics and today apart from
Binoculars they manufacture Monoculars, Spotting Scopes and Microscopes.

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