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Moravian Instruments G4-16000 CCD Camera with KAF-16803 CCD with Enhanced Cooling

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Moravian Instruments G4-16000 Monochrome CCD Camera with LARGE 36x36mm imaging area, 16MPixel Resolution, Low Noise, High Quantum Efficiency Kodak KAF-16803 CCD Sensor for scientific applications, such as astrometry and photometry as well as narrow-band astrophotography with Antiblooming and Electronic Shutter

The large, 9µm pixel size makes this camera ideal for large RCs, SCTs, Newtonians and similar telescopes with an aperture of around 10" - 14", but please contact us for further advice. For even larger telescopes, the G4-9000 version would be better suited.

Please note, there is no built in filter wheel in this camera due to the large sensor. We would also recommend to buy a 5-position external filter that would hold 50x50mm square filters that are necessary for this CCD size to achieve vignetting-free images. 50x50mm square filters from Astrodon, Astronomik, Baader, Chroma or Optolong are also available separately. 

Sensor: Kodak KAF-16803 Monochrome CCD
Resolution: 4096 x 4096 pixels
Full well capacity: appr 100,000 e-
Pixel Size: 9 x 9 µm
Size of imaging area: 36.9 mm (H) x 36.9 mm (V)
Interface:  USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Enhanced Cooling: Two-stage Peltier up to - 55 / -58°C below ambient temperature
Available on back order. Usual delivery time: appr. 2-4 weeks

Shipping and Packaging
G4 CCD cameras are supplied in a foam-filled, hard carrying case containing:

  • Camera body with a user chosen optional telescope adapter. A M68x1 adapter is included by default, a Canon EOS adapter is available separately for extra cost.
  • A 100-240 V AC input, 12 V DC output “brick” adapter with 1.8 m long power cable.
  • A CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive with camera drivers, SIPS software package with electronic documentation and PDF version of User's Manual.
  • 5 m long USB A-B cable for connecting camera to host PC.
  • A printed copy of camera User's Manual


G4 CCD cameras are shipped in a foam-filled carrying case (left), larger case is used if camera is ordered with external filter wheel (right)


Further product information is available on the manufacturer's website.


Image Gallery

Example images captured with G4 cameras.

Horsehead to Orion nebula wide field image. Image courtesy of Martin Page. First attempt wih a Takahashi FSQ106. Click on the image for higher resolution. Original size (4096x4030) reduced to 1200x1181 pixels.


Object M63 "Sunflower" galaxy
Author Michael Miller
Camera G4-16000 + EFW-L-7
Filters Astrodon LRGB
Telescope 152mm APM APO


Object M31 Great Andromeda Galaxy
Author Pavel Cagas (data acquisition), Martin Myslivec (image registration)
Camera G4-16000 (cropped to 3k × 3k pixels)
Filters Astronomik LHaRGB
Telescope Orion SPX 250 + Paracorr


Object "North America" and "Pelican" nebulae
Author Martin Myslivec
Camera G4-16000
Telescope Borg 66 ED


Object M81 "Boode galaxy" and M82 "Cigar galaxy"
Author Pavel Cagas
Camera G4-16000 (cropped to 3k × 3k pixels)
Filters Astronomik LHaRGB
Telescope Orion SPX 250 + Paracorr


Object Field of variable star V729 Aql
Author Pavel Cagas, field composition Vaclav Pribik
Camera G4-16000 (cropped to 3k × 3k pixels)
Filters Clear
Telescope Orion SPX 250 + Paracorr


All images published with permission of their respective authors.


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