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Moonlite CF DUAL Speed Crayford Focuser for Skywatcher Refractors with 4.5" Travel with Compression Ring - BLACK Colour

Moonlite CF DUAL Speed Crayford Focuser for Skywatcher Refractors with 4.5" Travel with Compression Ring - BLACK Colour
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Moonlite CF DUAL Speed Crayford Focuser for Skywatcher Refractors with 4.5" Travel with Compression Ring - BLACK Colour
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  • Model: 10-CF-BLACK-4.5FR-DS-SW80
  • Shipping Weight: 2.10kg
  • SKU: 10-CF-BLACK-4.5FR-DS-SW80
  • MPN: 10-CF-BLACK-4.5FR-DS-SW80
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This is a high precision Moonlite CF Model 2" Dual Speed Speed Crayford Focuser for Skywatcher Refractor Telescopes. (see compatiblity info further down...)

This Dual Speed version also comes with a Shaft-Lock mechanism on the coarse knob side.

Comes with 4.5" Travel and Brass Compression Ring.

Colour: BLACK (Please note, image shows the red version as we don't yet have images for the black version. Only for demonstration purposes...)

2" to 1.25" reducer included.


This beautifully engineered Moonlite Crayford focuser features their dual-rate Tri-Knob mechanism with an over-sized 8 to 1 reduction unit that uses a preloaded, all ball-bearing planetary reduction system with no backlash or play. The inline unit can be rolled with the slightest touch for very fine focus movements and has an auto brake when focus is stopped. No wiggling, perfect collimation and a 6 lb load capacity make this option ideal for visual or imaging use. 

It also features their Shaft Lock mechanism - a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube. This type of focus lock is much better then the old 'thumb screw against the draw tube' style that shifts the image when clamped.  

The fine knob is on the right by default but can be made left-handed if required.


  • 2" Zero backlash, no image shift Crayford design with 1 1/4" adapter
  • Compression-ring eyepiece clamp
  • 4.5" travel, baffled drawtube
  • Minimum racked in height is 4.1"
  • Maximum racked out height is 8.35"
  • Lifting capacity is 6 lb (10 lb with DC motors & Lacey PC interface option) and is user adjustable with a nylon thumb screw
  • Dual rate unit has an 8 to 1 reduction ratio using an in-line all bearing planetary drive system. It is pre loaded for no backlash and extreme fine "light touch" focus ability
  • Interface adapter has tip/tilt collimation set screws that are configured in a push pull arrangement to provide collimation of the focuser if needed
  • Total weight is 3lbs 8.4oz due to the much needed heavy interface adapter acting like built in counter weights. This allows the scope to balance higher in the cradle rings providing much needed EP height
  • Highly polished surfaces for extremely smooth focus action
  • Sealed precision stainless steel bearings with lithium grease
  • Built in dovetail finder bracket
  • Knobs are large 1 1/4" polished aluminium 2024 alloy
  • Thumb screws are aluminium
  • All hardware is stainless steel

The flange bolts on to the focuser body with 3 bolts and acts as an interface between the refractor's OTA and the main focuser body. The thickness and diameter of the flange is designed for the telescope it is to be installed on. The smooth bore type flanges all have collimation ability using a simple 3-point push pull bolt/setscrew arrangement. The threaded style flanges do not provide collimation ability. Please note all focusers are factory collimated before dispatch and do not require any adjustment. The only time collimation should be changed is if the OTA has some kind of defect causing the focuser to sit slanted on the tube. In this case the focuser's collimation ability would come in handy to correct the mechanical centerline collimation of the OTA in question. All flanges below have a rotating ability with lock knob providing camera angle adjustment.


The Skywatcher (Synta) format flange is a direct fit for the Skywatcher 80, 100 & 120 ED PRO series and other Synta manufactured scopes such as the Celestron 6" refractor, Orion's 150mm, 120mm, 100mm, and 80mm refractors, Orion's ED80, ED100, and ED120 and Vixen's ED80FS, ED100SF. It is collimatable and rotatable and has twin dove tail finder brackets. The flange thickness is designed to make the CF focuser mimic the focuser it is to replace. 

ATTENTION! Single speed Moonlite focusers require a motor drive to be able to hold the payload, however if you wanted a Moonlite focuser without a motor drive, we'd recommend to go for this dual speed version with a clatch installed. These models work without a motor drive well.


All CF model focusers equipped with a 2 part flange can be collimated. All focusers have a lifting capacity adjustment.


  • Lifting Capacity: The drawtube pressure can be adjusted to each user’s preference. Increasing the pressure increases the load capacity (vertical lifting capacity) of the focuser. Decreasing the pressure lowers the load capacity but gives the focuser a smoother focusing action. We set the focuser at approximately 4 lbs. at time of assembly; however, you can adjust it to be more depending on your specific needs. The ideal setting is to have it adjusted so the focuser can hold the heaviest load presented without slipping and requiring no additional force. This will give the focuser the best feel and still provide the vertical lifting capacity required. To adjust, turn the aluminum thumbscrew located between the two setscrews on the bottom of the focuser CW to increase load capacity. The aluminum thumbscrew can only add pressure, not take away pressure. This is due to the 2 set screws on each side of the thumbscrew applying a min set pressure amount. In some rare case it may be necessary to do a coarse adjustment by turning the 2 setscrews located on each side of the aluminum thumbscrew (1/8 Allen wrench) a very small amount. Normally, 1/20 of a turn or less should be made on the setscrews in a CW direction, then check the lifting capacity pressure by racking the drawtube up and down with your heaviest load.


  • Collimation: To adjust collimation, turn the 4 mini setscrews located in the top part of the 2-part flange. A small amount of tip/tilt (.015 max) can be made by adjusting the setscrews. We collimate each focuser dead on before shipping it so no adjustment should be required; however, if collimation is required due to some sort of OTA defect when the focuser is installed, then the tip/tilt ability of the focuser's flange will come in handy. Please Note: rotating the focuser will throw off any collimation reference once the flange is tilted off plane. So please do not collimate the focuser off center line unless it is absolutely necessary to fix a gross error in the OTA.


  • To maintain the CF focusers performance, keep all bearing and shaft riding surfaces clean. All crayford style focusers require a clean bearing to drawtube surface for smooth operation. The drawtube has been polished to remove all machine marks and hard anodized resulting in the action having a super smooth feel. Keeping the surfaces clean will keep the focuser operating at optimal performance. Dual rate focuser owners may want to break in the 8:1 reduction unit by running it up and down when first receiving the focuser. It is adjusted fairly tight at the time of assembly and requires a little use to come up to peak performance. No maintenance should be required on the reduction unit as it is packed with lithium low temperature grease for the life of its operation.

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