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Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects

Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects
Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects
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Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects
Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects
Deep-Sky Companions - The Caldwell Objects
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Deep-Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects
by Stephen James O'Meara

A new collection from Sky and Telescope's popular columnist.
The second in the Deep-Sky Companions series, this book is the ultimate road map to Patrick Moore's catalog of 109 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies that didn't make it onto the Messier list. Superb finder charts, exquisite astroimages, detailed, hand-drawn sketches, and eloquent, provocative essays make this the definitive guide to the Caldwell catalog. Foreword by Patrick Moore.

Published in: 2002
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0933346972 (Sky Publishing Corporation)
ISBN-13: 9780933346970 (Sky Publishing Corporation)

ISBN-10: 0521827965 (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN-13: 9780521827966 (Cambridge University Press)
Weight: 1615g
Size: 185 x 261 x 33mm
Hard cover
Page extent: 500 pages (256 b/w illustrations, 103 maps, 4 tables)

For more than two centuries, amateur astronomers have earned their stripes by observing the 109 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies cataloged by French comet hunter Charles Messier. Now a new list of 109 equally appealing deep-sky delights is bringing a new generation of astronomers even closer to the beauty and mystery of the night sky. Carefully compiled by Sir Patrick Moore, the Caldwell Catalog covers the entire celestial sphere, highlighting cosmic wonders for observers worldwide. Stephen James O'Meara has tirelessly observed all 109 Caldwell objects. Deep-Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects presents not only his beautiful sketches and detailed visual descriptions - it discusses each object's rich history and astrophysical significance. The latest fundamental data on each object are tabulated, and the book's star charts will lead observers to each object's precise location. This book is co-published with Sky Publishing Corporation.

  • Written by award winning amateur astronomer and writer, Stephen James O'Meara
  • Filled with detailed sketches, outstanding photographs and easy-to-use star charts
  • A field guide to locating and observing all 109 Caldwell Objects


  • Foreword by Patrick Moore;
  • Preface;
  • Acknowledgments;
  • 1. About this book;
  • 2. The Caldwell Objects;
  • 3. Twenty spectacular non-Caldwell Objects;
  • Appendices;
  • Index.


'After his brilliant Deep-Sky Companions: The Messier Objects, Steve O'Meara has done it again. [This book] is a beautifully written, personal guide for observing 109 of the most beautiful objects in the night sky, plus 20 more personally chosen deep-sky treasures. Coupled with O'Meara's own meticulous observations, the rich observational history and current scientific knowledge of each object bring this book to life, and the depth of O'Meara's writing makes it a real gem.' David H. Levy, Parade Science Editor and codiscoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

'Stephen O'Meara's Deep-Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects is an indispensable guide for anyone who observes the night sky with a quality amateur telescope from a reasonably dark place. Here are tips for viewing - and understanding! - more than one hundred entrancing galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae available to the backyard enthusiast. With its wealth of scientific and historical information, and its poetic sensibility, the book gave me immense pleasure even before I left my easy chair.' Chet Raymo, author of 365 Starry Nights and An Intimate Look at the Night Sky

'This wonderful observing guide is a testament to what experience, persistence, and dark skies can reveal to the patient deep-sky observer. O'Meara's essays are interwoven with a tapestry of background material that lends depth and richness to the observing experience. His skilled observations and side jaunts to obscure targets give both novice and seasoned skygazers fresh vistas to seek and explore.' Sue French, Sky & Telescope contributing editor and leading New York astronomer

' … given the author's renowned observing skills and exceptional location … The essays are delightfully descriptive and informative prose relating to the discovery, history and morphology of the objects spiced with many observing tips and comments on nearby objects.' Astronomy and Space

'Award-winning amateur astronomers and writer Stephen James O'Meara has written the definitive guide to the Caldwell catalogue … this book has the potential to become 'the bible' for deep-sky amateur astronomers.' Orion

'… if you have the urge to challenge the Caldwell objects, you will not find a better guide than Stephen O'Meara, or a better thought-out guidebook than this one. … if anyone can convince you of the interest of the more difficult objects … while encouraging you to keep trying to find them, it's Stephen James O'Meara.' Michael Cohen,

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