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365astronomy supplies the following brands via their dealer network in the UK and ROI

  • Antlia Filters - highest quality optical filters for astro photography (LRGB, HSO Narrowband, Venus, Methene  products

  • Green Clean - high pressure air dusters and other optics cleaning products

  • Moravian Instruments - CCD cameras not only for deep sky astro imaging, but also for scientific, forensic etc imaging

  • Optolong filters - a wide range of light pollution and narrow band filters for imaging with CCD, CMOS and dSLR cameras

  • Photonic Cleaning Solutions - First Contact polymer for most professional and scratch-free cleaning of fine optical surfaces as used by NASA and other professional observatories. Now available for amatuers as well.

  • Primaluce Lab products  - wide range of high quality APO telescopes, astro modified and cooled dSLR cameras, radio telescopes, PLUS tube rings and dovetail bars, etc.

  • Sharpstar and Askar - high quality APO and extremely fast astrograph Newtonian telescopes, optical filters for astro photography

  • ZWO - cooled and uncooled CMOS cameras for planetary and deep sky imaging (and lots of accessories)


List of current dealers

UK dealers:


First Light Optics

Modern Astronomy

Rother Valley Optics

Telescope House / Bresser UK

Tring Astronomy Centre

The Widescreen Centre


Dealers in Northern Ireland:

North Down Telescopes


Dealers in the Republic of Ireland:

KTEC Telescopes

Dealers in Europe

Astro Art (in Finland)

Astro Optics (in Denmark)

AstroSweden (in Sweden)

Castell (in Hungary)

Lacerta (in Austria)