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Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1

Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
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Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
Camera Tilting Unit XL - CTU M68x1
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With the ever increasing size of camera sensors there is a need to precisely adjusting them so that the sensor's plane will be perpendicular to the optical axis of the system.
This cannot always be achieved by simply attaching the camera to the telescope via existing standard accessories that results in uneven sharpness of the image.
This Camera Tilting Unit from Gerd Neumann Jr. addresses the above issue.
And does it in a most convenient construction in comparison to other commercially available similar accessories that would require repeated adjustment of push and pull screws that is difficult and not even very precise. With the Gerd Neumann Camera Tilting Unit CTU the sensor's position can be adjusted to a precision of 1/100mm.

At the heart of the Neumann CTU are three radial screws with a very light cone shape formed at one end. By screwing these cones in, the two parts of the Neumann CTU are separated by a very small amount. A whole turn of a screw corresponds to a separation of only 0.2mm. Due to this fine movement and the large outer diameter of the Neumann CTU it is quite easy to adjust the position of the sensor to less that 1/100mm.

Both sides of the Neumann CTU are held together with three very strong packs of disk springs and secured with set screws. These springs provide a very strong holding force and also keep everything together. The overall tightness of the Neumann CTU is very high so if you mount a camera with a weight of less than 3kg to the Neumann CTU, you will not have to tighten the set screws (two for each radial adjustment screw). For use with heavy imaging outfits we added the set screws to be on the safe side but it is unlikely that even heavy camera assemblies will need them but should they be needed only very slight tightened should be necessary.

Here at Gerd Neumann Jr we believe our revolutionary Neumann Camera Tilt Unit will solve most problems associated with tilted focal planes that result from subtle miss alignments between camera and scope.

For the full description and reasoning please visit the manufacturer's website, click here!

We stock only the M48 version yet, but two additional sizes/versions are available on back order as well.


  • Max travel: 1mm
  • Min thickness is 17.3mm
  • Diameter (outer): 119mm
  • M68x1 female thread on both sides (it is practically a continuous female M68 thread, however a 10mm long M68 male threaded adapter is included. This serves as a locking mechanism between the two sides of the tilting unit.)

Instruction manual is available on request!


Article about the CTU - Camera Tilting Unit (in English) in the Nov 2010 issue of the Astronomy Technology Today magazine (you'll have to scroll down to page 9 in the pdf file or page 30 of the magazine)


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