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BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical Photo Mount PM-100

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BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical Photo Mount PM-100



  • Equatorial StarTracker Photo-Mount
  • Automatic siderial tracking, compensating for the Earth's rotation
  • Different tracking speed settings available
  • Can also function as an AZ or ALT panning platform
  • Ballhead with quick release saddle plate included
  • High precision stepper motor for accurate tracking
  • Clear LCD screen and easy-access setup menu
  • Battery operation 4 x AA batteries or mico USB
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours
  • Load capacity of Photo-Mount: up to 2.0kg in EQ mode, 5.0kg in AZ mode
  • Weight: 0.63kg

Do you already own a photo camera and would like to create impressive ong exposure pictures of the night sky, or even make time-lapse panning films with little effort ? 

The BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical PhotoMount PM-100 is the ideal camera base. This mount is particularly well suited not only for astrophotographic beginners,  but its "go-anywhere" portability and simple-to-use features will also appeal to the experts too. The built-in tracking motor rotates the saddle-mounted camera precisely to counteract the earth's rotation and ensure that the stars remain in pinpoint shape, even with long exposures. 

If you already own a sturdy photo tripod with a video/photo pan and tilt head, you can use the photo mount's head directly with 1/4 inch & 3/8 inch satndard guage photo thread holes. The pole height (latitude) is easily adjusted by panning and tilting the tripod's head. A dedicated photo-mount, tripod with carry-case and polar wedge are also available as a bundle - Product No. 4964120 

So, which cameras are basically suitable for use with the BRESSER photo mount? All cameras with ¼ inch (6.3mm) tripod connection thread and bulb length "B" setting, for long exposure can be mounted to the StarTracker. The BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical Photo Mount PM-100 is designed for a camera and lens combination of maximum of 2.0 kg total weight when used in polar mode. In Azimuth mode, the use of a combined camera and lens weight up to 5.0kg is possible.  

Large aperture, wide-angle lenses are ideal for beginning your journey into astrophotography, because more stringent requirements for tracking accuracy accumulate with increasing focal length and exposure time. Subsequently, a shot with wide-angle lens can be exposed for up to several minutes on the StarTracker and the stars remain sharp and undistorted. When using a longer lens, taking a 200mm telephoto lens as an example, the polar alignment of the photo mount must be exactly right to prevent trailing of stars. Thanks to the integrated pole finder tube, a quick polar alignment for wider field photos is easy. After setting up the StarTracker Photo Mount, simply set the approximate latitude (pole height) and aim at Polaris through the integrated pole finder tube. Then mount the camera with the photo lens, using the quick-release plate on the supplied ball head. With the ball head in place, the camera can be aligned and targeted in no time at any section of the sky. As soon as the tracking motor is switched on, long-time exposure can be started immediately. This can all be acheived in a matter of a few minutes.

The tracking is carried out by a precise stepper motor, which can be controlled by an easy digital setup on LCD screen. Low power consumption allows up to 20 hours of operation with just one battery charge, or simply use the mount's micro USB port to provide an unlimited power supply from practically any USB power source - computer, portable battery etc...


  • Equatorial StarTracker Photo-Mount 
  • Automatic siderial compensating for the Earth's rotation  
  • Different tracking speed setting possible 
  • Time lapse: from 15 minutes to 48 hours 
  • Ballhead with quick release saddle plate 
  • Suitable for northern and southern henisphere 
  • and 1/4" Photo thread for Camera mounting
  • Photo-Mount with 1/4" threaded bolt for ballhead mounting 
  • Additional quick release coupling for ball head removal 
  • High precision stepper motor with helical gear for accurate tracking 
  • Clear LCD screen and easy setup menu 
  • Battery operation 4 x AA batteries or mico USB (optional acc.)  
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours 
  • Load capacity of Photo-Mount: up to 2.0kg/5.0kg (EQ/AZ) 
  • Weight 0.63kg 
  • Optional Accessories: Polar-wedge, Tripod and carry-case, optical pole finder scope with illumination unit 



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