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Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
Cambridge Dictionary of AstronomyAuthor: Mitton, Jacqueline  Description: Held up by the heliopause? Floored by the flatness problem? Intimidated by MACHOs? With this dictionary there is no need to be defeated by such astronomical jargon. These terms, along with almost 3,200 more words, names an..
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The Cambridge Dictionary of Space TechnologyAuthor: Williamson, Mark  Description: The Cambridge Dictionary of Space Technology is a comprehensive source of reference to the most important aspects of this fast-developing field, from basic concepts to advanced applications. With some 2300 entries..
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur AstronomyAuthor: Bakich, Michael E. The El Paso PlanetariumDescription: Being an amateur astronomer is great fun, with many different and interesting areas to get involved in. This complete reference provides a wealth of practical information covering all aspect..
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of SpaceAuthor: Verger, Fernand Ecole Normale Superieure, ParisAuthor: Sourbos-Verger, Isabelle Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique, ParisAuthor: Ghirardi, Raymond Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), ParisDescription: Since the launch of Sputnik in 195..
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of StarsAuthor: Kaler, James B. University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignDescription: This unique encyclopedia provides a fascinating and fully comprehensive description of stars and their natures and is filled with beautiful color images. The book begins by telling the sto..
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