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Baader UHC-S/L-Booster-Filter 1'/4" (optically polished)

Baader UHC-S/L-Booster-Filter 1'/4" (optically polished)
Baader UHC-S/L-Booster-Filter 1'/4" (optically polished)
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Premium Quality Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Nebula Filter 1.25" (optically polished)

Excellent for telescopes with diameter above 100 mm (4").
This is the perfect solution for viewing and imaging emission nebulae even with smaller telescopes. If you own a telescope between 4" to 10", you'll especially appreciate the way this filter deals with the light pollution lines whilst leaving practically intact the starfields thus giving depth into your images. Similar filters of other brands tend to block out too much light thus leaving only the nebula on the image...But  what is a nebula without background stars?
As a result of the premium, high quality, hardened coating and the wider (60 nm) passband, this filter  has over 97% transmission whilst effectively blocking the entire electromagnetic radiation resulting from light pollution. On the other hand the sharp cutoffs mean increase in overall contrast.

Good news for imagers that 99% of the H-alpha radiation (at 656nm) will pass through the filter.
The hardened coating and planeoptically polished surfaces mean long lifetime combined with no image degradation as there is no need for covering the coated surface with another piece of glass that would cause double or blurred images.

This is the ideal nebula filter for visual observers as well as imagers that will effectively filter out unneeded light without damaging or altering the image.


EAN: 4047825009869


Model number: 245 8275

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