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Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter

Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
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Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
Baader NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1 1/4" (Moon & Skyglow) Filter
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NEODYMIUM & IR-Cut 1.25" Moon & Skyglow Filter with Phantom Group Coating

The best visual and photographic filters for contrast enhancement for the PLANETS and MOON at all levels for Schmidt-Cassegrain and Newton telescopes which Baader Planetarium has ever offered! Brighter and sharper images than ever before! A long awaited dream filter for all CCD users, a Skyglow & Moon filter with IR-cut coating! The filtering effect is much more colour-neutral and the picture is much more brilliant thanks to our Phantom Group™ anti-reflective coating. If you want to escape a light-polluted city’s sky - make it without a trip to the countryside: the new IR-Cut Moon & Skyglow filter is the solution.

Baader Phantom Group Coating™ is a 7-layer broadband antireflection coating with extremely low residual reflection. The term "group" indicates that we use it for each type of glass filter, which was calculated in each case to make it an effective Antiglare coating.

The 7-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides, with only 0.25% residual reflection per surface area represents the most elaborate of remuneration (= reflection), which was ever made for colour filters. The filter plates are screwed into blackened aluminium frames. Each filter is suitable for multiple applications.

Drastic increase in contrast for all reflector telescopes as well as refractor telescopes (including APO and achromatic refractors) without loss of image brightness! This filter is based on earlier development by Carl Zeiss. The effect of the element Neodymium as a filter material is very impressive. As a blending component in optical glass, it improves contrast, increases the red colour component in the picture (especially at Mars and Jupiter) and it filters out light of those same spectral regions that are suffering the most under the street lamp light, which is responsible for most of the "skyglow" data on starry sky images. It’ll filter out “skyglow” caused by the Moon effectively as well.

Go ahead and test the Moon & Skyglow filter with naked eye, to test its effectiveness. Red and blue hues are extensively reinforced. If you have not yet found the GRS (Great Red Spot) on Jupiter - with this you will see it.


 * Selective contrast filter, especially suitable for all reflector telescopes

 * Blocks light in the visible spectral range target areas where work is especially troublesome because of street lamp light and the sky brightened by scattered light

 * Selective blocking dampens blooming, but without suppressing the visibility of important colour and brightness differences

 * Transmission in the selected spectral ranges in excess of 95%,

 * Fits all standard filter thread; combine it, for example with the plane-optically polished (!) Baader IR-Cut Filter! This also allows a blur stop by unfocussed infrared radiation - an absolute must for digital photography

 * It can be used as a single filter in front of a binocular microscope without any loss of sharpness, or for afocal projection with digital cameras

  * When used with DSLR cameras stars appear much sharper, because the IR spectral range is blocked

 * Substrate (glass melt): Neodymium doped coloured glass

  * Compensation: 7-layer multi-hardcoating "oven-proof" IR-blocking Dielectric Coating

 * Double-sided hard (ion beam-condensed), absolutely scratch-resistant, water resistant coating - can be freely cleaned as often as you like

Never use any eyepiece filter for solar observation without objective front filter!


EAN: 4047825009753

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