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AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge

AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge
AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge
AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge
AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge
AstroTrac 360WDG Wedge
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The NEW AstroTrac 360WDG Telescope Mounting Wedge


The stylish TW3100 has been now replaced with the 360WDG model with the same compatibility.

The Astrotrac 360WDG sets a new standard for high strength compact equatorial wedges. Carrying up to fifteen times its own weight, with the 360WDG you can now realise the full potential of your Astrotrac 360 mount with larger lenses and telescopes.

Current price - only 250 GBP (exc. VAT) = £300 (inc VAT) inc free UK delivery!

Worldwide delivery! Price outside the European Union is: £250 + delivery

BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL TW3100 WEDGE that is mostly still correct, until we have a full description for the new version...

Rock Solid

When you've got clear skies, perfect framing, and pin-sharp focus, the last thing you need is flexure spoiling your image. The unique patent pending design of the TW3100 wedge provides a rigid platform for your imaging equipment whilst retaining true portability.

The AstroTrac TT320X or the New TT320X-AG is quickly and easily mounted to the TW3100 with three 4 mm stainless steel mounting screws supplied with the wedge.

Tripod and Pier Compatible

The TW3100 is perfectly matched to the AstroTrac Pier and can also be used with any photo tripod equipped with a standard 3/8" photo thread. We'd recommend one of the Manfrotto XPROB tripods...

Easy Polar Alignment

Specially made stainless steel adjustment and locking knobs with fine pitch aerospace threads give smooth and precise altitude and azimuth adjustment even under large load.

UPDATE: as of Nov 2018, the latest stock came with all brass adjustment screws, so the provided images are only for demonstration purposes. We've now added some images to show the current version with the brass thumbscrews.

Astrotrac Telescope Mounting   Wedge TW3100

Compact and lightweight

The TW3100 can be easily carried in your airline luggage thanks to its compact size. Get your holiday or vacation off to a great start by avoiding costly excess baggage charges. Weighing just 1kg (2.2 lb), you'll be pleasantly suprised by how little space and baggage allowance your TW3100 takes up.

Astrotrac Telescope Mounting Wedge wide view

Worldwide Operation

With a latitude range of more than 90 degrees you can use the TW3100 from pole to equator. The easy-to-read latitude scale has 15 degree coarse increments and infinite fine adjustment via the conveniently located altitude adjustment knob at the rear.

Astrotrac Telescope Mounting Wedge Latitude Scale

The built in bubble level makes precise leveling easy, saving you time during polar alignment.

Beautifully Engineered

The silky smooth anodised aerospace alloy is perfectly complimented by the unique polished AstroTrac stainless steel knobs. The overall experience is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye, designed to give you many years of corrosion free reliability and handling pleasure.

The TW3100 is manufactured with loving care by highly skilled engineers at AstroTrac's factory in the UK using state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

Load capacity:                       15 kg (33 lb)
Weight of wedge:                  1 kg (2.2 lb)
Base diametre:                       100 mm (4 inches)
Overall height:                       125 mm (5 inches)
Latitude range:                      over 90 degrees
Tripod mounting thread:        standard photo 3/8"  16 tpi
Pier mounting threads:          3 x metric 8 mm
AstroTrac mounting plate:     3 x metric 4 mm

General Information
Weight in Kg1.15

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