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AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker

AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker
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The NEW Exciting AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker -  Compact Single Telescope Mount with Autoguiding on RA


Our goal with AstroTrac 360 was to do the impossible: engineer a full‑size experience into the smallest, lightest telescope mount possible. And not only is it compact - it’s more accurate than ever. The new AstroTrac 360’s advanced friction drives and optical encoders deliver even better unguided tracking performance than the AstroTrac TT320X-AG.

Split the AstroTrac 360 German Equatorial or Single Arm mount and you have two of the best tracking camera mounts on the planet. Double your results or double your fun with friends and family. Climbing Everest? - just take the one.


The AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker includes

  • 1x 360 drive unit
  • 1x 360 polar scope
  • 1x accessory kit containing cables, hex keys etc.
  • 1x 360 OMNI Clamp

Don't forget, you can upgrade your AstroTrac 360 Camera Tracker at any time in the future to the full German Equatorial or Single Arm configurations by adding a second 360 drive unit and accessories.

The "TW3100 Wedge" and ball head shown on the below image are optional accessories available separately or in various BUNDLES.

Note about product images: the appearance of the actual product might slightly differ. Images show the prototype. Final product uses a white, extremely tough, teflon-like material instead of the more fragile transparent acrylic. The same white material is being used as a safety cover around the drive-wheel. This was not shown on the original images of the prototype as this has been added later. 

Please note, all pictures show the old silver wedge (model TW3100) that is redundant. This has been not yet updated on Astrotrac's own website, but we have this info from them, so all customers who ordered the products from them or from us will receive the new black wedge (model 360WDG).

Above image shows the current version of the wedge, the Astrotrac 360WDG wedge. This is an optional accessory with this product or there is a bundled version of this mount that comes with this wedge.

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