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Ursa Minor PRO Professional Astronomical Software

Ursa Minor PRO Professional Astronomical Software
Ursa Minor PRO Professional Astronomical Software
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Ursa Minor Pro Planetarium and Telescope Control Software

Powerful but easy to use planetarium and telescope controller software for beginners and advanced hobby astronomers. Highly detailed sky map, telescope controlling, and more useful functions... The program comes in two versions: Professional and SkyTour version.

In the U.K. we offer the Professional version for a very competitive INTRODUCTORY PRICE. (RRP is £59.90)

Main features

l Drawing highly detailed sky map as can be viewed from the Earth from any position and at any time

l High magnitude limit: At least 18 magnitude with USNO-A2 catalogue

l Automated switching between four star catalouges

l Magnitude limit auto or manual

l Large amount of double stars, variable stars and deepsky objects

l Real star colors

l Highly costumisable map of stars & deep sky objects

l Calculating position of planets, comets & minor planets, and simulating their movement by drawing their paths on the sky

l Star-hopping for Messier objects (Rout planning from star-to-star until the Messier)

l Generating printable sky maps in pdf format

l Controlling GOTO telescopes

l Game-pad compatible (controlling the telescope and the map)

l Mouse selectivity for different objects

l Bluetooth compatibility with Sky-Watcher Auto-tracking & Merlin telescopes (EQ5&EQ6 under development)

l Off-Axis guider field-of-view management

l Searching target on spiral line

l Controlling exposure of Canon EOS 350D and compatible cameras (Special cable required)

l Make astro-photography easier: Provides goto, manual positioning & auto guiding on a single USB cable (Special cable required)

l Setting Windows transparency adjustable



Windows XP, Windows 7

We've also tested it on Windows 8.1 and it seems working fine.

Click on the image below to view it in higher resolution:

For more information please visit the manufacturer’s website:


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