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Uniqball UBH45X ALL-IN-ONE System Leveled Pan & Tilt Head, Gimbal Head and Ball Head with a Leveling Base

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UBH 45X Ballhead with bidirectional clamp 

A revolutionary invention created by the finest engineering and craftsmanship directly from Europe.
UNIQBALL Model UBH 45X is recommended for up to medium sized telephoto lenses:
Recommended for any telephoto lens, including super telephoto lenses: 600mm F/4, 800mm F/5.6, 200-400mm F/4, 500mm F/4, 400mm F/2.8, 300mm F/2.8, 100-400mm F/5.6, 50-500mm F/6.3, etc.

Max. load capacity: 90 lbs / 40 kg
Weight: 700g
Height: 4.1" / 10.5 cm
Base diameter: 2.7" / 69mm

UniqBall is coming with a Y-directional clamp, for optimal performance with telephoto lenses. Most camera body plates are X-directional. For using them with the UniqBall, while retaining the leveling function, you need the X- adapter, which is rotating the direction of your clamp by 90 degrees.


UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head. It has all of the great advantages of these established heads but without any of the drawbacks.

And here's the best bit, it has an integrated leveling ball so you can always shoot with a perfectly straight horizon. Now that is something truly unique.


UniqBall's amazing design combines two ball heads into one unit. The outer ball can act as a conventional ball head, or most importantly, act as a leveling base for the inner ball (which then acts as a leveled pan & tilt head). As it's made from modern alloys and using modern manufacturing techniques, it has perfect friction to allow smooth movement for even the biggest telephoto lens. One minute you can be shooting extreme action photography, the next UniqBall will let you shoot perfectly level landscapes or function as a traditional ball head for those difficult to reach macro shots.

It takes only 2-3 seconds to set the horizon level on the outer ball with the built-in precision spirit level, then it can be used as a perfect 2-way head with an always straight horizon and complete freedom of movement, even for fast moving action photography. UniqBall has very smooth panning properties, perfect for tracking fast moving subjects but also for recording video too. With a twist of a single knob the UniqBall can be locked rigid, it is strong enough for even the most demanding of photographer. It's perfect for travel too.

UniqBall gives you several tripod heads in one with the ability to shoot level horizons. An amazing new product, designed by photographers for photographers and tested in the field.


UniqBall heads are perfect for any photographic application. They can perform as a simple yet strong and rigid ball head that you need for closeups, but their advantages start to be more obvious with applications that need a level horizon. And almost all photographic work requires a level horizon.

UniqBall is the world’s only ball head with an integrated leveling base. Being of this unique versatility, UniqBall can always stay on your tripod, saving you a great deal of time and effort of changing and carrying different heads for different applications.

While it’s perfect for all applications, UniqBall was originally designed for action photography on long telephoto lenses. It is here that UniqBall really shines, as it offers great versatility without compromise.


All of our ball heads are equipped with a highly visible, contrasty precision vial, which, by design, almost free of parallax error, gives an accurate result when looked at from any angle of view. In the photography industry, most bubble levels and horizon indicators, even the electronic ones, are rated to a 1 degree of accuracy.

The vials in all of our units are calibrated at installation to a 0.1 degree of accuracy. We guarantee that your horizon is always really straight.

Best choice for a photographer

Quality, Simplicity, Accuracy, Design

We are manufacturing UniqBall from the highest quality, hardest aluminium alloys, certal or perunal, known for their usage in the aerospace industry. This results in steel-like firmness within a lightweight structure. The parts are machined on cutting-edge multi axis CNC machinery to 0.01 mm tolerance. The plastic parts used for fitting the moving parts are made of an especially durable kind of plastic, industrially used as sliding surface in plain-bearings. It's teflon filled for fluid like movement and stick-less start, which is needed for being able to easily pan the smallest movements of your subject. We build in a precision circular spirit level with very good visibility, free of any parallax errors and calibrated to a 0.1 degree accuracy which allows the UniqBall to be set precisely in the horizontal plane.

All UniqBall heads are manually assembled, with every part quality tested for a flawless end product and your UniqBall will serve you for a very long time as your companion in photography.

Watch on YouTube: UNIQBALL demo Video


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