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USNO-A2 Catalogue for URSA MINOR PRO

USNO-A2 Catalogue for URSA MINOR PRO
USNO-A2 Catalogue for URSA MINOR PRO
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This Catalogue works with the Ursa Minor Pro Planetarium and Telescope Controller Software.

The Catalogue is merely increasing the abilities of the software Please note, this is not a commercial product. We charge only to cover our expenses (DVD-disks, writing the disks...)

The Ursa Minor Pro Planetarium and Telescope Controller Software can work with several star catalogs. The most detailed amongs them is the USNO-A2 catalogue, which contains data about 500 million stars up to 18-20 magnitudes. This catalogue, as most of the astronomical databases, can be freely distributed and downloaded from the Internet for educational and research purposes. However it's free, downloading such a huge volume of data (more than 6 gigabytes) can be difficult.

When you purchase Ursa Minor Pro, you can decide if you want to download it from the server or to receive a free copy of this catalogue. In the case you want us to send you the free copy we'll charge you only for the additional costs: £6.50.

Please note, we don't keep this item in stock. We will have to write it onto a disk, so it might take few extra days to do it at busy times...

This product is only available when you buy the Ursa Minor Pro software. Thanks for your understanding.

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