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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars

Author: Kaler, James B.
 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Description: This unique encyclopedia provides a fascinating and fully comprehensive description of stars and their natures and is filled with beautiful color images. The book begins by telling the story of astronomy, from ancient constellations and star names to the modern coordinate system. Further chapters explain magnitudes, distances, star motions and the Galaxy at large. Double stars, clusters and variables are introduced and once the different kinds of stars are in place, later chapters examine stellar evolution, beginning with the interstellar medium and star formation, proceeding to our Sun and its characteristics and then the ageing process of solar-type and high mass stars. The book ends by showing how this information can be combined into a grand synthesis. Detailed cross-referencing enables the reader to explore topics in depth and makes this an invaluable work both for beginners and those with a more advanced interest in stars and stellar evolution.

Contents: 1. Stars and constellations; 2. Location; 3. Magnitudes; 4. Distances; 5. The galaxy in motion; 6. Spectra and the HR diagram; 7. Stellar properties; 8. Double and multiple stars; 9. Star clusters and associations; 10. Variable stars; 11. Star formation; 12. Sun and main sequence; 13. Stellar evolution; 14. High mass evolution.

Essential Information
First Author: Kaler, James B.
Title: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521818032
ISBN-10: 521818036
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 338

astronomy, astrophysics, physics

amateurs, undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers

Bibliographic Details:
40 line figures 37 tones 174 plates



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