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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy

Author: Bakich, Michael E.
 The El Paso Planetarium

Description: Being an amateur astronomer is great fun, with many different and interesting areas to get involved in. This complete reference provides a wealth of practical information covering all aspects of amateur astronomy. Organised thematically for ease of use, it covers observing techniques, telescopes and observatories, Internet resources, and the objects that can be studied. Those new to the field will find tips, techniques and plans on how to begin their quest, and more advanced observers will find lots of useful advice on how to get more out of their hobby. Containing the most recent data, the book is highly accurate, and is illustrated throughout with stunning colour images and graphics. It is an essential guide for both beginning stargazers and more advanced observers.

Contents: Introduction by Jeff Medkeff; Part I. Background: 1. The cosmic backdrop; 2. Positional astronomy; 3. Time and the calendar; 4. The magnitude system; Part II. Equipment: 5. Telescopes; 6. Mounts and drives; 7. Eyepieces; 8. Filters; 9. Telescope accessories; 10. Binoculars; Part III. How to Observe: 11. Sketching what you observe; 12. Astrophotography; 13. Digital and video cameras; 14. The CCD; 15. Photometry; 16. Spectroscopy; Part IV. References and Other: 17. Books and atlases; 18. Catalogues of the deep sky; 19. Software; 20. Observatories; 21. The social astronomer; 22. Light pollution; Part V. What to Observe: 23. Nightfall; 24. The Sun; 25. The Aurora; 26. The Moon; 27. Eclipses and transits; 28. Mercury and Venus; 29. Mars; 30. Jupiter; 31. Saturn; 32. The outer planets; 33. Asteroids; 34. Comets; 35. Meteors and meteor showers; Part VI. Deep Sky Objects: 36. Double stars; 37. Variable stars; 38. Supernovae; 39. Occultations; 40. Nebulae; 41. Star clusters; 42. Galaxies; Part VII. Observing Tips.

Essential Information
First Author: Bakich, Michael E.
Title: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521812986
ISBN-10: 521812984
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 354

amateur astronomy

amateurs, enthusiasts, academic researchers, professionals

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