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TS Optics - 1.25" flip mirror for astrophotography and precice focussing

TS Optics - 1.25" flip mirror for astrophotography and precice focussing
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TS Optics - 1.25" flip mirror for astrophotography and precice focussing
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TS Optics - 1.25" flip mirror for astro photography and precise focusing
Adjustable flip mirror for high demands

1.25" flip mirror for astro photography:

- Simplifies focusing of moon and planets by a lot
- Center the target in the eyepiece and you can be sure it will be centered on the chip
- change quickly between observation and exposure and thus find the moments of best seeing
- acts as well as fine 1.25" diagonal with about 90% reflectivity
- versatile T2 connection - with our optional adapters you can connect virtually any camera

The TS Optics flip mirror is a simply to use but very precise flip mirror for astrophotographical tasks. It allows the precise centering of the target in the eyepiece. With the adjusters you can opt for an even more precise centration, useful in particular for very small chips.


TS Flip Mirror AdjustmentWork with the flip mirror:

After coarse alignment and installation of the camera at the T2 thread, just center a bright object in the camera and focus it there. Then you insert an eyepiece into the 1.25" barrel and focus by using the fine eyepiece focus adjustment. After that just clamp the position with the bottom clamp screw.

With the collimation screws (in the picture to the right) you center the target - ready. Now you have centered it and calibrated focus.


Technical data of the flip mirror:

-- Connection telescope side 1.25" + T2 female
-- 90° connection: 1.25" with fine focuser and clamp screw.
-- Straight connection: T2 with additional fine focus by screwing and locking
-- Optical path necessary: 80mm - usually existent at refractors, Cassegrains ...
-- Housing dimensions: length 83mm / width 56mm / height 58mm
-- Weight: about 300 grams

Recommended accessories:

-- T2 extender from TS , in the selection is a variable length model as well
-- Adapter from T2 to C-Mount
-- Adapters from T2 to 1,25" for the straight view use of 1,25" equipment


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