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TS 80mm F/6.25 Triplet Super APO Refractor 80/500mm f/6 with FPL-53 Lens Element & 2.5" Dual-Speed PHOTO Focuser

TS 80mm F/6.25 Triplet Super APO Refractor 80/500mm f/6 with FPL-53 Lens Element & 2.5" Dual-Speed PHOTO Focuser
TS 80mm F/6.25 Triplet Super APO Refractor 80/500mm f/6 with FPL-53 Lens Element & 2.5" Dual-Speed PHOTO Focuser
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TS Triplet FPL-53 APO Telescope 80mm aperture / 500mm focal length with 2.5" dual speed photographic focuser
High-quality, colourfree APO with very good mechanical system - for the demanding amateur
Developed under supervision of TS, this high quality triplet apochromat with an FPL53 ED element lens has been designed to be an optimal travel and astrophoto scope. Even at highest magnifications, the image is kept free of false colour and has a high level of correction. The fast f/6.25 system is not only short and compact, it also gives the short exposure times astro photographers want.

The advantages of the TS Triplet Apo 80/480mm:

-- Air spaced Triplet APO Objective 80/500mm
-- FPL-53 by O`Hara for optimal colour correction
-- Retractable dewcap - allows a transport length of only 355mm
-- 2.5" high-precision focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission with M63 connection
-- Universal saddle plate with 1/4" photo tripod thread
-- Overwhelming 5.5° field of view with adequate 2" eyepiece
-- In combination with the optional 2" TS flattener: an exceptional and fast photo APO
-- One of the best coatings we've ever seen - no disturbing reflections
-- Delivered in a robust aluminium travel case

TS 80mm Apo Auszug
The 2.5" PHOTO focuser with 1:10 transmission allows precise focusing and keeps even heavy accessories at the focal plane. The force of three radial locking screws is transmitted by a brass clamping ring. The focuser is rotatable by 360° in order to provide the optimal camera position.

One telescope - three focus positions:

Der Modulare Tubus des TS 80mm Triplet Apo

Aperture 80mm / focal length 500mm / f6 ... The TS 2,5" Flattener provides a fully illuminated and corrected field, even for full frame cameras. The flattener is being screwed directly to the M63x1 inside thread of the focuser. You need 2 tube segments (remove 1 part) ...  Link to the TS 2.5" Field Flattener

Aperture 80mm / focal length 360mm / f4,5 ... The reducer, designed by Massimo Riccardi reduces the focal length and increases the aperture- focal ratio to f/4.5 while at the same time correcting the entire field for APS-C format sensors or KAF8300. Due to the very fast system, You can take photos of faint objects within one night. Even time-consuming LRGB images or narrow band imaging is no problem anymore. You need 1 tube segment (remove 2 parts) ...

Observing with Bino Viewer without Glass Path Corrector ... Incredible rich field observation with both eyes without glass path corrector which increases the magnification - this offers this TS 80mm Apo. You will be able large deep sky objects and because of the very low magnification, you will have much light and a big field. Remove all 3 parts for long bino viewers or if you want to use a 2" diagonal or remove 2 parts, if you use a 1,25" diagonal.


Technical details:

-- Air-spaced Triplet APO Objective - APO Element FPL53
-- Aperture 80mm / focal length 500mm / focal ratio f/6.25
-- Tube length with retracted dew cap: 355mm
-- Fully multi coated objective
-- OTA weight: 2.3 kgs
-- OTA diameter: 89mm / Dew cap diameter: TBC
-- Aluminium tube
-- Focus position optimized for our 2" Flattener and 2" diagonals
-- Focusing travel way 83mm
-- Maximum back focus from 2": 138mm
-- Outside dimensions of the case: 445mm x 260mm x 200mm

Scope of delivery:

-- Triplet APO Refractor 80/500mm
-- 2.5" PHOTO focuser with 1.25" reduction adapter and M63x1
-- 2 x CNC machined tube rings
-- solid aluminium transporting case
-- splitable tube (3 different focus positions)

Optical test:

The chromatic aberration is not visible in practical use. Even at high magnifications, the stars remain white.
APO 80mm f6 Colour Abberation


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