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SkyWatcher Startravel-80T OTA 3.1-Inch Refractor Telescope

SkyWatcher Startravel-80T OTA 3.1-Inch Refractor Telescope
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SkyWatcher Startravel-80T OTA 3.1-Inch Refractor Telescope
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STARTRAVEL-80T OTA (Optical Tube Assembly ONLY)

Specification and optics same as Startravel-80 but comes with 45º Erect Image Diagonal, and supplied without Equatorial Mount and Tripod. Complete with tube rings.

You'll also have to add a dovetail bar to be able to mount this telescope on top of a mount.

This refractor telescope will serve you well for wide field observations or even photography if you are on a budget and could be a good choice as a guidescope / guider scope / guiding scope as well.


An ideal instrument for the wide-field observation of Deep-Sky objects, such as Nebulae, Star Fields & Clusters and Galaxies. A useful telescope for astrophotography and also for daytime terrestrial use.
  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x16, x32, x40, x80
  • Telescope Focal Length: 400mm (f/5)
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 80mm
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x160
  • Full metal rack-and-pinion focuser
  • 2x Deluxe Barlow Lens 1.25" with camera adapter
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • 6x30 Finderscope
  • 45° Erect Image Diagonal (1.25”)
  • Multi-Coated Objective Lens
  • 77% more light gathering than the similar 60mm refractor telescope
  • No mount and tripod supplied
“Its design is that of a traditional astronomical telescope…but its also suitable for watching wildlife. Focusing was with the traditional rack and pinion assembly, which was smooth to use. The lowest power eyepiece (25mm) provided a x16 magnification, which gave an estimated field of view of 2.5 degrees. Stars remained sharp across 75% of the view. With this eyepiece, widefield views were particularly good; open cluster M44 was a delight. These wide views did seem to make the background sky lighter, but we could still make out the brighter Messier objects and even spotted the galaxy NGC 2903 in Leo. At higher magnifications the galaxy group of M65/M66 and NGC 3628 could be seen, and by adding the Barlow lens to the 10mm eyepiece we split Algieba and Castor… Saturn was also clear, with Tian and Rhea visible. Overall score 87%”
BBC Sky At Night Magazine


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