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Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph

Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph
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Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph
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Lhires III is a very high resolution spectrograph designed for amateur and educational astronomy. Numerous projects are within reach thanks to the technology involved in this instrument. Professional/amateur collaborations have been done with Lhires III spectrographs.

Please contact us for availability information!

A very high resolution spectrograph
Lhires III brings the very high resolution spectrography to the amateurs at an affordable price. Lots of educational projects around Doppler effect can be done such as::
    * Rotation of Jupiter or Saturn
    * Radial velocity of stars
    * Star rotation: v.sin(i)
    * Spectroscopic binaries etc

An unique experience: solar spectra
Lhires III can be used visually, which makes it a great educational tool during public observing sessions or astronomy days/festifals. Without a telescope, it allows to watch, safely, the solar spectra in very high resolution.

With a video camera or a webcam and a small instrument, Lhires III becomes a spectro-heliograph. One can then image the Sun in multiple wavelengths (Ha, HeI, K...) using a scanning technique.

A multi usage instrument
Almost all SLR cameras, CCD cameras or a simple webcam can be mounted on a Lhires III.
Very convenient: optional grating and support are available to adapt in few seconds your resolution to your project. Fainter objects are also accessible: bright comets, novae, etc...
Go a step further with your Lhires III
Beyond the knowledge that your Lhires III could bring you in the field of astrophysics, this is also a powerfull collaboration tool between professional astronomers and amateurs: monitoring stars, variable stars, etc...
* power of resolution R ~18000
* resolution of 0.035nm near Halpha
* mirror slit 15-35µm, reflective for precise guiding
* adaptable to all types of instruments
* optimised for f/10 instruments
* several detectors can be mounted: SLR camera, CCD camera, webcam etc.
* wavelength selected by micrometer
* internal neon lamp for calibration
* Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope adapter delivered as standard (two inch adapter also available)
* switchable grating modules (2400 gr/mm in standard; 1200 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 300 gr/mm et 150 gr/mm in option)
* photo tripod adapter available for public outreach (visual solar spectrum)
* possibility to use with an eyepiece
* size: 250x200x84mm
* weight: 1.7kg

Lhires III spectrograph is shipped with a 2400 gr/mm grating module and a 1.25-inch eyepiece holder.

The CCD adapter provided is for ST7/8/10 camera. A wide range of CCD adapters is available. Please contact us for more information.

A Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope adapter is also provided. If you need, a 2" adapter is also available separately.

The User Guide includes:
-Adjustment procedures
-First steps in spectroscopy
-Some theory
-Some projects

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