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Shelyak LISA INFRA-RED Slit Spectrograph

Shelyak LISA INFRA-RED Slit Spectrograph
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Shelyak LISA INFRA-RED Slit Spectrograph
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LISA is a low resolution high luminosity spectrograph F/5, R~600-1000. This is the basic module for observations in the NEAR INFRA-RED spectrum between 650 and 1000nm.

LISA is also available in a version for visual observations.

Explore to the limit of your telescope with our LISA low resolution high luminosity spectrograph. With its slit, LISA is specially designed for faint or extended objects.

It is an educational tool for student to quickly record spectra of stars and nebulae and focus on actual project rather than long observing hours.

It is also a scientific tool to study faint objects (variable stars, novae, nebulae, comets, quasars, asteroids, galaxies, etc.), to monitor group of stars, to analyse chemical properties of planets in the visible or near infra-red spectrum, etc...

LISA specifications
* Custom objective F=88mm F/2.4
* Collimator F=130mm F/5
* Power of resolution R ~600-1000
* Available for Visible (400-700nm) or near Infra-Red (650nm-1µm)
* Slit 15/19/23/35µm
* Telescope interface M42 (T-standard), 41mm backfocus
* Weight: 1.4kg

- Slit 50/75/100µm with 19µm hole
- Near Infra-Red kit
- Automatic Calibration module [*]
- Guiding camera (Atik Titan recommanded) [*]
- Acquisition camera (Atik 314L+ recommanded) [*]

[*] included in LISA Pack complete solution.

Please contact us for availability information!

A very large user community
LISA is widely used all across the World. There is certainly a user near by you! Join the spectroscopist community and share projects and targets on Spectro-L discussion group:

* User Manual
* Dimensions
* 3D volumes: EASM (Solid Works), IGS, SLDASM, STEP, STEP (2), CGR, or self-extract exe for MS Windows

Applications - examples
* First light / Christian Buil:

* Observation with a LISA / Christian Buil:

* First light / François Teyssier:

* LISA at T1M pic du midi:

* Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd):

* Herbig Ae/Be Z CMa (misc. spectrographs):

* V407 Cyg symbiotic star:
F. Teyssier:

* CI Cyg symbiotic star:
C. Buil:
F. Teyssier article:

* Fast temporal evolution os cataclysmic variable DQ Her (nova Herculis 1934):

* Recurrent nova T pyxidis (misc. spectrographs):

* Supernovae in 2011:

* NGC7331:
Very subtil observation showing the rotation of NFC7331 galaxy !

* SN2011dh in M51 (misc. spectrographs):

* Stephan's Quintet:
Observation of two galaxies within the Stephan's Quintet, showing one is not part of the group with a redshift 10 times fainter than the others because it's 10 times closer !

General Information
Weight in Kg2.5

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