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Rigel RS-Spectroscope

Rigel RS-Spectroscope
Rigel RS-Spectroscope
Rigel RS-Spectroscope
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Rigel RS-Spectroscope
Rigel RS-Spectroscope
Rigel RS-Spectroscope
Rigel RS-Spectroscope
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View or Photograph the Spectra of Stars in COLOR

The Rigel Systems RS-Spectrograph fills up a gap between Shelyak's or Baader's professional spectrograph systems and Paton Hawksley's very affordable spectrographs. The Shelyak's and Baader's spectrographs are very expensive whilst Paton Hawsley's spectroscopes give us views of first order spectrum only.
Rigel's RS-spectroscope is a good compromise that is still affordable without braking the bank, but on the other hand it provides superior visual experience, wider spectrum, larger dispersion and higher resolution.

Decoding the Message in Starlight

The RS-Spectroscope attaches to an eyepiece to spread light from stars and nebulae into a rainbow of colors, colors that provide a whole new way to enjoy astronomy. Astronomers analyze the rainbows of stars -- analyze the colors present and the colors missing -- to decode the message in starlight, a message that reveals the true nature of stars, nebulae and the universe. Use the RS-Spectroscope to experience what astronomy textbooks only describe. Discover the absorption and emission lines that fingerprint the chemical makeup of stars and nebulae. See the OBAFGKM spectral sequence in living color. Visualize the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram that arranges stars by luminosity, size, temperature, pasts, presents and futures.

What you see here is what you get! Sharp and distinct hydrogen lines in Sirius, broad molecular bands in Aldebaran & Betelgeuse.

QuikAdapt riser to connect the RS-spectroscope to a dSLR is now available from UK stock. Click here!

Click on the above image for full resolution. These spectra were photographed in COLOR in 8 seconds, unguided.

The RS-Spectroscope attaches easily to eyepieces including Televue, Guan Shen (imported and rebranded by a lot of companies) Meade and Celestron eyepieces that have rubber eyecup. It works best with eyepieces with long eye relief (e.g., 20mm and greater). It can also attach to eypieces that are flat at the top. Low power and longer focal length are useful. The eyepiece doesn't have to be the most expensive, just good star images in the middle.

Want to learn more? Click here for a powerpoint overview showing great spectra obtained with a Canon EOS Rebel xti digital SLR, like this!

And click here to download the RS-SPECTROSCOPE'S USER MANUAL for more details on how to use your RS-spectroscope with a digital SLR camera.



  • Grating:  600 grooves per mm
  • Widening (cylindrical) lens for visual use
  • 22 degree tilt
  • High dispersion (appr. 3x higher than Star Analiser 200 and appr. 6x higher than Star Analyser 100)


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