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Primaluce Lab Lanthanum ProZOOM 8 - 24mm DeLuxe Zoom Eyepiece

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Primaluce Lab Lanthanum ProZOOM 8 - 24mm DeLuxe Zoom Eyepiece


Eyepieces for telescopes usually have fixed focal length and then they create a unique magnification: in order to change it, you have to to replace the eyepiece. Our Lanthanum ProZoom 8-24mm eyepiece instead allows you to change the focal length of the eyepiece with a simple mechanism and then allows you to gradually adjust the magnification. Unlike most of the zoom eyepieces that do not offer high performances, this model uses lanthanum lenses to generates high contrast and rich in detail images to allow great observations in every situation.

Great eyepiece for visual use

All this thanks to the optical design with lanthanum lenses that correct main aberrations generating sharp and detailed images all over the field of view. More, the lenses have a great anti-reflective Fully Multi Coated coating that helps reduce unwanted reflections also when you observe bright objects. With a 40° (24mm) to 62° (8mm) apparent field of view, this eyepiece has a large diameter external lens and a long eye relief (from 15mm to 20mm) so it is convenient for those wearing glasses.

The Lanthanum ProZoom 8-24mm eyepiece can be used with any 31.8mm diameter focuser. In the upper part of the eyepiece there's a comfortable rubber eyecup with adjustable position in order to set the eye to the ideal distance from the outer lens. Fully made up of anodised aluminum, without plastic parts, in the central part of the body there's the precise movement focal length selection with a handful rubber to facilitate gripping.

Designed for photographic use

The main innovation of this eyepiece is its photographic application. In fact it was designed together with the particular DSLR photo adapter that is screwed to the top of the eyepiece, thanks to a corresponding thread.

The DSLR photo adapter not only allows you to directly connect the DSLR camera body (or even cooled CCD cameras, just consider that the back focus must be 55mm) using a standard T2 ring (sold separately) but inside it has a special optical system that flattens the field and avoid vignetting even for large sensors, up to FullFrame (24 x 36mm).


Optional DSLR Photo adapter for Lanthanum Zoom Eyepiece shown on above image. Image only for demonstration.

Simply screw the optional "DSLR photo adapter for Lanthanum ProZoom 8-24mm eyepiece" and connect the T2 ring. Connect everything to your DSLR camera body (in place of the standard camera lens), and connect everything to the telescope focuser. You will have a great variable magnification projection photography system! So you not only can take advantage of the high optical quality of Lanthanum ProZoom 8-24mm eyepiece to obtain images with high magnification but you can also select the recording magnification, just like a camera lens!

Image is for demonstration only. T-ring, camera and dSLR adapter are not included.

In fact, in order to select the magnification you prefer, you can simply rotate the central rubber. Look at the image in the viewfinder or on the screen (using the LiveView feature present in all the latest DSLR cameras) and focus the camera using the telescope focuser, you are ready to shoot! This recording technique allows you to get very high magnifications, greater than the ones in prime focus, with or without extenders.

In order to demonstrate the high magnification capacity and the generated image quality, we brought our AIRY ED72 refractor on the field near Moena (TN - Italy), and we aimed it to the Roda de Vael shelter that lies at the foot of Torri Meridionali of the Vaiolet. The shelter is 5.6 km away from the point we were shooting from. Then we used the different photographic techniques to record the same subject and we also used a 35mm photographic lens to get a magnification comparable to the one of the naked eye. For each image you can see the equivalent focal length, with AIRY ED72 (apochromatic refractor 72mm diameter, 432mm focal length f/6) telescope, we have the following focal lenghts:

- 432mm at prime focus

- 864mm with APO 2x extender

- from 1250mm to 3750mm with Lanthanum ProZoom 8-24mm eyepiece and DSLR photo adapter

Click on the below image to see it in higher resolution...




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