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Photographic Ronchi 10L/mm

Photographic Ronchi 10L/mm
Photographic Ronchi 10L/mm
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The lates version of this great accessory, the Ronchi eyepiece - Photographic version from Gerd Neumann jr. (the manufacturer of the famous high quality Astronomik filters) will help you to confirm the optical quality of nearly any telescope that you'll come across in the future! And now not only visually, but you can even take a photo through this accessory and submit it into forums to show other amateurs the quality of your telescope...
The Ronchi test is easier to perform than a star test as it doesn't require the same level of steadiness and viewing conditions of air as the star test.

The difference from other  makes is that the gratings on the Gerd Neumann Photographic Ronchi is created by a vacuum metalised chrome layer on glass, therefore it is of much higher quality than film or laser printout gratings.
This Photographic Ronchi contains the same high quality 10 lines per mm grating inside as the visual version. The body is designed to make a stiff connection with your camera and optics via an M52 male thread and a female T-thread (M42x0.75).

Body: black anodised aluminium
Grating: 10 lines per mm
M52 male thread
M42x0.75 female threadInstruction manual for the visual version is available on request! There is no separate instruction manual for this photgraphic version, but the existing manual contains lots of helpful information that can be useful in relation to this version as well.



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