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Philip's Guide to the Northern Constellations by Robin Scagell

Philip's Guide to the Northern Constellations by Robin Scagell
Philip's Guide to the Northern Constellations by Robin Scagell
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Philip's Guide to the Northern Constellations

Author: Robin Scagell

Description:  A mini-guide to stargazing for the novice astronomer, written by Robin Scagell, author of the Philip's best-seller Stargazing with a Telescope. A beginner's guide to the major stars and constellations visible with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. This brief introduction to stargazing will help the novice to get his or her bearings in the night sky. Using easy-to-find stars, all of which are visible without any specialized equipment, the author introduces the beginner to each season's major constellations. Simple 'signpost' star maps guide the reader around the sky.The book has been written in non-technical language by Robin Scagell, a keen popularizer of astronomy, and is suitable for newcomers to astronomy of all ages. In addition to the star maps and seasonal guides, it includes interesting facts about our Solar System, comets, meteors and the Universe. A colourful and entertaining book, Philip's Guide to Northern Constellations is an excellent introduction to stargazing.

Biographical Notes

Robin Scagell is Vice-President of Britain's Society for Popular Astronomy.

Essential Information
Robin Scagell
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 978-0540084531
Binding: Paperback
Size: 120x185m
RRP: GBP 3.50
Pages: 32


amateurs, general readers



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