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New Cosmic Horizons

New Cosmic Horizons
New Cosmic Horizons
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New Cosmic Horizons

Author: Leverington, David

Description: New Cosmic Horizons tells the extraordinary story of space-based astronomy since the Second World War. Starting with the launch of the V2 rocket in 1946, this book explores the triumphs of space experiments and spacecraft designs and the amazing astronomical results that they have produced. It also examines the fascinating way in which the changing political imperatives of the USA, USSR and Western Europe have modified their space astronomy programmes. This history of astronomy from space is extensively illustrated and unique in its coverage of such a broad range of topics in language accessible to amateur and professional astronomers, and other technically-minded readers. All major astronomy missions of the first fifty years of space research are covered: the Soviet Sputnik and American Explorer projects, the subsequent race to the moon, solar and planetary missions, and the wonders of modern astrophysics culminating in the exciting results of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Contents: Preface; 1. The sounding rocket era; 2. The start of the space race; 3. Initial exploration of the Solar System; 4. Lunar exploration; 5. Mars and Venus; early results; 6. Mars and Venus; the middle period; 7. Venus, Mars and cometary spacecraft post-1980; 8. Early missions to the outer planets; 9. The Voyager missions to the outer planets; 10. The Sun; 11. Early spacecraft observations of non-solar system sources; 12. A period of rapid growth; 13. The high energy astronomy observatory programme; 14. IUE, IRAS and Exosat - spacecraft for the early 1980s; 15. Hiatus; 16. Business as usual; 17. The Hubble Space Telescope.

Essential Information
First Author: Leverington, David
Title: New Cosmic Horizons
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521658331
ISBN-10: 521658330
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 520

astronomy, astrophysics, space science, space engineering, history of science, cosmology, planetary science

amateurs, professionals, general readers

Bibliographic Details:
53 line figures 73 tones 15 tables



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