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Moravian Instruments G2-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera with KAF-8300 CCD and 5-pos Filter Wheel

Moravian Instruments G2-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera with KAF-8300 CCD and 5-pos Filter Wheel
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Moravian Instruments G2-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera with KAF-8300 CCD and 5-pos Filter Wheel
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Moravian Instruments G2-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera with Low Noise, High Quantum Efficiency Kodak KAF-8300 CCD Sensor

with 5-POSITION FILTER WHEEL for 31mm filters
for Narrow-Band ASTROPHOTO Imaging, this is our bestseller CCD camera in this price range; most of the published images were made with these cameras!

Designed and manufactured in Europe!

Sensor: Kodak KAF8300 Monochrome CCD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 3358 x 2536 pixels
Quantum Efficiency:  55% max
Pixel Size: 5.4 x 5.4 µm
Interface:  USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Cooling: Two-stage Peltier up to -50°C
Available on back order. Usual delivery time: appr. 2-3 weeks 


According to our calculations, the limiting focal ratio of the G2-8300 camera with an external filter wheel is f/5.83 or with a built-in filter wheel it is f/5.

So, for example, if you have an f/5 telescope, you could either go for the version with the built-in 5-position filter wheel if you don't need more than 5 filters, or you could go for the 7 or 10 position external filter wheel that accepts 36mm filters.

If you will use it with a SCT at f/10 or even f/6.3 then you can go for the 8 or 10-position external filter wheel and use them with 31mm filters with this camera without vignetting. (The version with the internal filter wheel would also serve an SCT user well when used with 31mm filters.)

The  G2-8300 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the famous UK based astrophotographer, Nik Szymanek.
Read his review of the Moravian G2-8300 CCD camera here: CLICK HERE to open or download a Pdf file.
Courtesy of
Astronomy Now Magazine.


Shipping and Packaging
G2 CCD cameras are supplied in a foam-filled, hard carrying case containing:

  • Camera body with an optional telescope adapter. The standard 2" barrel adapter is included by default. If ordered, the filter wheel is already mounted inside the camera head and filters are threaded into place (if ordered).
  • A 100-240 V AC input, 12 V DC output “brick” adapter with 1.8 m long power cable.
  • 5 m long USB A-B cable for connecting camera to host PC.
  • A CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive with camera drivers, SIPS software package with electronic documentation and PDF version of User's Manual.
  • A printed copy of camera User's Manual

G2 CCD cameras are shipped in the foam-filled carrying case (left), larger case is used if camera is ordered with external filter wheel (right)

Further product information about the G2 Series CCD Cameras

The enhanced series of G2-CCD cameras feature highly sensitive, low noise Kodak Full-Frame CCD detectors. High-speed USB 2.0 interface minimizes download time and advanced analogue electronics ensure very low read noise. Efficient two-stage Peltier cooling keeps detectors cold to minimize dark current. Compact and robust camera head integrates all electronics, shutter and optional 5 or 6-positions filter wheel.

Number of features of cooled, slow-scan G2CCD cameras with USB 2.0 interface support demanding scientific applications:

  • Very high sensitivity with peak QE above 80%.
  • Lowest possible system read noise, limited by CCD chip itself.
  • High dynamic range (16-bits digitization) and linear response.
  • Efficient and precisely regulated cooling.
  • Optional heat exchanger for liquid coolant.
  • Ability of unattended operation enabled by integrated shutter and filter wheel supporting UBVRI or narrow-band filters.

But G2CCD cameras are also designed with the needs of amateur astronomers on mind:

  • Compact camera head, small and lightweight enough to be attached even to small telescopes.
  • Integrated all-in-one design with USB and power connectors directly on the camera head.
  • Integrated shutter not to bother with covering the telescope when taking dark frames.
  • Integrated filter wheel for standard filters to take (L)RGB or narrow-band images.
  • Single-voltage power supply enabling operation from 12V battery or “brick” adapter.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Robust construction to sustain every-day usage.
  • Rich software support.

But there are some features unique for G2-8300 model:

  • Although the KAF8300 CCD detector has Full-Frame architecture, it is equipped with so-called anti-blooming gate (ABG), which protects electron leaks from saturated pixels to neighboring pixels when a bright star appears in the field of view. This makes G2-8300 camera suitable also for astro-imaging applications.
  • The CCD imaging area is somewhat larger that the clear aperture of standard filters in 1.25 inch filter cells. Such filter cells cause vignetting in the image corners. This is why the filter wheel with 6 positions is not offered with G2-8300 and filters for 5 positions filter wheel are not standard 1.25, but larger filters with 31 mm diameter. 
    31 mm filters do not cause vignetting on vast majority of optical systems, but they are significantly cheaper and more compact compared to 2 inch filters or filters in M48 threaded cells.

No matter if your target is reliable scientific data or beautiful images of deep-sky objects, G2CCD cameras are able to provide both.

G2 CCD camera head

Above: G2 CCD camera head

G2-8300 camera head

Above: G2-8300 CCD camera head (for illustration only)

The G2-8300 camera is manufactured with a monochrome CCD detector as well as a colour detector, which allows capturing of colour images with single exposure:
Model    CCD detector ABG Color mask        Resolution      Pixel size       Imaging area     Download time
G2-8300 KAF8300      yes       no                 3358 × 2536   5.4 × 5.4 μm   18.1 × 13.7 mm    12.2 s
G2-8300C KAF8300    yes   RGBG (Bayer)   3358 × 2536   5.4 × 5.4 μm   18.1 × 13.7 mm    12.2 s

Although the KAF8300 CCD detector is not square like the G2-4000 camera (square detectors always optimally utilize optics capabilities and filter area, so they best suit to astronomy applications), KAF8300 aspect ratio is 4:3, which is closer to square than 3:2 aspect ratio of other detectors like KAF3200, KAI11000 etc.

Download times are valid for G2 cameras revision 3 and higher. G2 cameras revision 1 and 2 need approximately 2× longer time to download full resolution image.

G2CCD cameras are designed to work in cooperation with a host Personal Computer (PC). As opposite to digital still cameras, which are operated independently on the computer, the astronomical slow-scan, cooled cameras usually require computer for operation control, image download, processing and storage etc. To operate G2 CCD camera, you need a computer which:
  1. Is compatible with a PC standard.
  2. Runs a modern 32-bit Windows operating system.
G2 camera USB driver is designed for Windows 2000 and better operating systems (e.g. Windows XP). Older 16/32-bit systems, like Windows 95/98 and Windows Me, are not supported. G2 CCD cameras cannot properly operate with such operating systems.
  3.  Provides at last one free USB port.
The current series of G2CCD cameras are designed to operate with USB 2.0 high-speed (480 Mbps) hosts. Although they are fully backward compatible with USB 1.1 full-speed (12 Mbps) hosts, image download time can be somewhat longer if USB 1.1 connection is used.

For further information about G2-8300 CCD Cameras Technical Specifications, Power Supply, Mechanical Specifications, Software Support anf Guiding, please click on the downloadable PDF file below:


Further product information about the G2-8300 Series CCD Cameras (PDF version of the above text and more)

Image Gallery

Example images captured with G2-8300 cameras:

Object M8 "Lagoon"
Author David Kennedy
Camera G2-8300 (+ Ha, R, G, B filtry)
Exposure 9.5 hours
Telescope Borg 60ED

Object IC1396 "Elephant's trunk"
Author Ondrej Podlucky
Camera G2-8300 (+ narrow-band filters)
Exposure 27 hours
Telescope Borg 101ED + F4ED reducer

Object NGC1499 California Nebula
Author Ondrej Podlucky
Camera G2-8300 (+ narrow-band filters)
Exposure 28 hours
Telescope Borg 101ED +F4ED reducer

Object NGC891
Author Stefano Campani
Camera G2-8300 with H-alpha and RGB filters
Exposure 6.4 hours
Telescope 24" (610 mm) RNT Newton

Object NGC7023 "Iris Nebula"
Author Patrick Hochleitner a Dieter Beer
Camera G2-8300
Telescope Skywatcher BD 80ED + 0.85 flattener

Object NGC2237 “Rosette”
Author Ondrej Podlucky
Camera G2-8300 (+ narrow-band filters)
Telescope Borg 101ED + F4ED reducer

All images published with permission of their respective authors.

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