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Moravian Instruments Cap for Desiccant Container

Moravian Instruments Cap for Desiccant Container
Moravian Instruments Cap for Desiccant Container
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Moravian Instruments Cap for Desiccant Container

This cap is compatible with the new tool-less desiccant container from Moravian Instruments


CCD dark current halves with every ~6°C, so keeping the CCD sensor at low temperatures is a key feature of scientific CCD cameras, allowing long exposures not ruined by excessive dark current. The CCD cooling can achieve up to 50°C below the ambient temperature, which leads to below-freezing temperatures of the sensor in all cases. This is why it is crucially important to place the cooled detector in the hermetically sealed chamber else it would be covered by the water ice within minutes. And the chamber must be dried by a desiccant, because even the residual humidity in the air is enough to create frozen ice patterns on the sensor, harming the images. New design of the desiccant containers of the Gx cameras allows more comfortable desiccant exchange and easier desiccant regeneration. Also a new variant of the container was introduced, designed to allow tool-less container replacement.

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