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Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters

Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters
Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters
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Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters 2nd Edition

Author: Jones, Kenneth Glyn
 Webb Institute, New York

Description: Charles Messier's catalogue of nebulae and star clusters, published in 1784, marked the start of a new era of deep sky astronomy. This tradition of observing galaxies and clusters is kept alive by serious amateur astronomers who study the objects of the deep sky. Nearly all the objects are visible in a small telescope. Many, such as the Crab Nebula and the Andromeda galaxy, are among the most fascinating objects in the universe. Kenneth Glyn Jones has revised his definitive version of Messier's catalogue. His own observations and drawings, together with maps and diagrams, make this a valuable introduction to deep sky observing. Historical and astrophysical notes bring the science of these nebulae to the fore. This is a unique handbook, unlikely ever to be equalled in its completeness and importance to the telescope owner.

Contents: List of tables and figures; Plates; Preface; Introduction; 1. Astronomical background to the Messier objects: the 'missing' and 'additional' objects; 2. The Messier objects classified; 3. Observing: equipment, conditions and method; 4. The Messier objects in detail (Nos. 1-104;) Biographical and historical; Maps and appendices; Index of names; Index of subjects; Index of objects.

Essential Information
First Author: Jones, Kenneth Glyn
Title: Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521058490
ISBN-10: 052105849X
Binding: Paperback
RRP: GBP 28.99
Pages: 448

amateur astronomy

amateurs, enthusiasts, general readers

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