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Lunt LS6CaKMDd2 Ca-K Module with B600 Blocking Filter in Star Diagonal for 2" Focuser

Lunt LS6CaKMDd2 Ca-K Module with B600 Blocking Filter in Star Diagonal for 2" Focuser
Lunt LS6CaKMDd2 Ca-K Module with B600 Blocking Filter in Star Diagonal for 2" Focuser
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If you already have an achromatic or apochromatic refractor telescope, you don't have to buy a complete Calcium-K telescope as this module can be directly used in your refractor telescope up to 100mm aperture and 540mm focal length. This will convert it into a complete Calcium-K solar telescope. You'd need a telescope that accepts 2" accessories as that's the size of the modul.
Just replace your 2" eyepiece with this modul and you are ready to go.
The internal narrowband filter in this module allows for a <2.4 Angstrom bandwidth.
Please note that the Ca-K wavelength is at the edge of the visible light spectrum for human eyes, so for most of us visual observing in this spectrum will be difficult. However, all details could be captured photographically. Therefore the Ca-K Module is optimized primarily for imaging.
For telescopes up to 100mm aperture and up to 540mm focal length. For imaging it will be better to use a bigger Ca-K module (i.e. the bigger the blocking filter the better...).
The Ca-K module is in a 90° star diagonal, for 2" focuser on the telescope side and with T2 connection and for 1.25" eyepieces on the eyepiece side. If you want to try to do some visual observations by using your 2" eyepieces, there is a 2" eyepiece holder adapter available separately.


 LUNT LS12CaKMDd2 (0553503) technical specifications:

  • Bandwidth: <2.4 Angstrom at 393.4nm
  • Blocking Filter: B600 with 1.25" and T-2 connection
  • Max recommended aperture: 100mm (102mm)
  • Max recommended focal length: 540mm
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Lunt Ca-K module with  internal etalon
  • B600 Blocking Filter in star-diagonal for enhanced viewing and photography
Available from UK stock.

Recommended (and suitable) accessories:

1.25" Zoom Eyepiece 7.2mm - 21.5mm

The LUNT Zoom Eyepiece with variable focal length from 7.2mm to 21.5mm, with 1.25" connection.

Adapter T2 to 2", takes 2" eyepieces to blocking filter

You want to use your 2" eyepieces at Lunt Solar Systems telescopes or filters? All you need is this adapter. Simply remove the 1.25" eyepiece tube from your blocking filter and thread on this 2" adapter. It takes T2 threading to a 2" eyepiece tube.

Sol Searcher

Sol-Searcher for mounting on all solar telescopes of Lunt Solar Systems. The tube rings of the LUNT solar telescopes are prepared for the mounting of this Sol-Searcher.



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