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Lacerta Infinity Series Type-5 Biological Microscope with Binocular Head

Lacerta Infinity Series Type-5 Biological Microscope with Binocular Head
Lacerta Infinity Series Type-5 Biological Microscope with Binocular Head
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Lacerta Infinity Series Type-5 Stereo Microscope with 4 PLAN lenses (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x) with phototube for laboratory use.

Infinity (infinity corrected optical systems) have their own place in microscopy. As it is not necessary to keep to the tube length of 160mm, we can insert various additional accessories in the path of light, thus Infinity Microscopes can virtually be used with unlimited accessories. For the same price of other similar microscopes you get various subtle differences with LACERTA Infinity microscopes that will be advantageous and thus increasing the usefulness of the microscope.
Here is the summary of these crucial advantages:

- An objective holder for five instead of four, of course, with ball bearings.

- Real Plan Infinitivy lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x), one space is empty for phase contrast or other use

- Coaxial coarse and fine tension control and individually adjustable table height stop.

- NEW: a bigger mechanical XY stage for no extra charge! It’s even bigger than the stage of the Zeiss Primo Star.

- Adapt parfocal Trinocular tube with a permanent division of light and plenty of back focus for DSLR cameras

- Widefield 10x Eyepieces with 20mm aperture

- Full-Kohler illumination with field iris diaphragm.

- Abbe condenser NA = 1.25, iris-diaphragm with scale respectively to the magnification.

- NEW: Special condenser mount allows a very fast switching between bright field, dark field, polarization, and phase-contrast studies.

- NEW: dark field aperture (optional accessory) can be screwed into the original Abbe condenser!

- NEW: Rotating polarizing filter can be screwed into the original Abbe condenser, the second polar filter in a slide Trinocular head has been integrated!

- NEW: the phase-contrast condenser (optional accessory) can be replaced very easily, without changing the achieved alignment.

- LED lighting at no extra charge: The luminosity corresponds to a 25 watt halogen lamp, but the operating time is approximately 10,000 hours. More homogeneous illumination and no warming of the specimen.

 Optional accessories: phase contrast objective sets, dark field-aperture, polarization, carrying case, etc.

Delivery time: 1-3 weeks

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