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Lacerta Genetic Digital Microscope 40X-1000X with USB Camera

Lacerta Genetic Digital Microscope 40X-1000X with USB Camera
Lacerta Genetic Digital Microscope 40X-1000X with USB Camera
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As you know stereo microscopes usually come witha maximum maginfication of about 40x.
So this is not a stereo microscope, but a high magnification biological microscope with a binocular head with a buit-in 1.3Mpixel camera.
It's very simple to use as the image that you can see through the binocular head can be instantly recorded.

Ideal for schools, presentations or preparation of documents.
The built-in camera can be connected to a computer. The necessary software can be easily installed.
Maximum magnification: 1000x  (when using the WF10x eyepieces; WF stands for widefield)

Key features:

Diopter control at the left eyepiece +/- 5 diopters
Fix-Kohler LED illumination
Abbe Condenser -type iris diaphragm
Stage size: 132 x 142mm
Coarse and fine focusing, minimum value: 0.004mm (4 microns)
Focusing range: 24mm
Achromatic semiplan microscope objectives: 4x (37.5mm), 10x (7.35mm), 40x (S, 0.29mm), 100x (O, S, 0.18mm)
Binocular head, 30 degree
Eye distance: 55 - 75mm
Sensor: 1/2" CMOS
Resolution: 1280x1024 (1.3MPixel)
Depth: 24bit
Image size (frequency) can be set between: 1280x1024 at 15image/sec and 160x120 at 30 image/sec
Exposure: manual or automatic
SNR (Signal to Noise ratio): >45dB
Dynamic range: 62dB
USB 2.0 port, Plug&Play

Manufactured by Delta Optical
Laptop is not included, just for demonstration purposes.

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