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JPLY 3MPixel Colour CMOS Digital Microscope Camera

JPLY 3MPixel Colour CMOS Digital Microscope Camera
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JPLY 3MPixel Colour CMOS Digital Microscope Camera
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  • Model: JPLY-SD3
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The JPLY microscope camera simply replaces the existing eyepiece of your microscope and you can view and capture images on your PC or laptop. Unlike other, cheap microscope cameras, JPLY cameras come with SpectrumSee, a professional microscopy software developed by the camera manufacturer itself. The software allows measurements recorded to the images. High precision measurement slide is also included with each camera.
When we first tested these cameras, installation of the drivers and the imaging software were fast and easy.
Drivers for 32 and 64 bit systems as well as the software installation file come on the included small format CD. The SD1 (1.3MPixel) version of these cameras is compatible only with 32-bit systems, up to Windows 7, whilst the SD3 (3MPixel) and SD5 (5 MPixel) versions are compatible with both 32 and 64-bit systems and we've also tested them on a Windows 8.1 32-bit tablet.


Included in the box

  • Microscope camera with Colour CMOS Chip and USB socket
  • CD with drivers and software
  • Measurement slide (stage micrometer) in separate plastic case
  • 23.2mm to 30.0mm adapter
  • 23.2mm to 30.5mm adapter
  • 0.5x widefield optical system (eyepiece mount)
  • 5mm extension
  • 1/4" photo thread on camera body
  • USB cable




1.Real-time video display. Users can adjust all properties of the camera, such as white balance, contrast, saturation, etc.
2.Image acquisition: users can save a single frame image and record real-time video.
3.Image processing: users can do many common image processing tasks, such as gray-conversion, binarysation, brightness & contrast adjustment, image flipping, image rotation, image smoothing, image sharpening, displaying image histogram information, splitting, merging and image stacking processes of the image.

Technical specifications:



SENSOR Size1/3" CMOS Color1/2" CMOS Color1/2.5" CMOS Color1/2.3" CMOS Color
Effective pixels1280×1024(1.3M)2048×1536(3M)2592×1944(5M)3664×2748(10M)
Frame rate×
1280×1024: 20FPS2048×1536:9FPS2592×1944: 6FPS3664×2748:3FPS
Random size ROI1280×1024(ROI):17FPS1920×1080(ROI):13FPS1600×1200(BIN):14FPS
640×480(BIN):36FPS1280×960(BIN):19FPS1280×720(BIN): 28FPS
Random size ROI640×480(SUM):27FPS1024×768(ROI): 27FPS
640×480(BIN):31FPS800×600(BIN) : 38FPS
Random size ROIRandom size ROI
Pixel size3.6μm×3.6μm3.2μm×3.2μm2.2μm×2.2μm1.67μm×1.67μm
Image data format×Raw8/Raw10Raw8/Raw10Raw8/Raw10/Raw12Raw8/Raw10/Raw12
Dynamic range71dB61dB67.7dB65.2dB
Scanning modeProgressive scan
ShutterElectronic rolling shutter
Exposure time×0~192.1ms0~300ms0.036~300ms0~900ms
Exposure controlAuto exposure/Manual exposure/Area exposure
White balanceManual white balance/Once key white balance/Area white balance
Product firmware updateRemote update is supported
Camera ID"User writing ID into camera" is supported
Programmable controlCamera working speed,image dimension,shootmode,image lightness,exposure time,gain,anti-flick,GAMMA,contrast,RGB gain,saturation,black balance,sharpness
Support systemWindows XP(32-bit);

Windows XP(32-bit); Win7(32/64-bit) 


Support interfaceTWAIN,DirectShow
Data interfaceUSB2.0  480Mb/s
Product indicatorLED constantly being on when power on and standing by and blink when working
Power consumptionWork≤1.3W,Work≤1.3W,Work≤1.3W,Work≤1.3W,
Stand by ≈0.55WStand by ≈0.3WStand by ≈0.33WStand by ≈0.37W
Working temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature-20℃~60℃
Working humidity10%-90%RH(No condensation)
Storage humidity10%-60%RH
Lens MountC/CS mount
PCB Size33×33mm(2 blocks)
Product dimension44.1×43×41.5mm(Without extension ring and outer fixed block)
Product weightAppr.123g




General Information
Weight in Kg0.6

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